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Updated 2016-06-25 18:44:04

VK4KW Australia will be straightening up the low band antennas after believe it or not KANGAROO damage.
We will be QRV 160 through 10 M for the CQ WW SSB and CW chasing dual wins in our favoured Multi 2 Category.

73 Trent VK4TI

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Ben Clevers
  • Callsign: ON4BBC
  • 2018-03-25 03:48:02
Good afternoon my friend. We just had a short qso on 20 meter for the contest. This is Ben ON4BBC , Zoersel in Belgium 15 Km north east from Antwerp. Have a nice Sunday evening. Ben ON4BBC
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  • Callsign: ZL2iFB
  • 2016-07-03 04:52:00
Nice selfie, Trent. [I'm not specifying which one.] GL lads.