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BA4TB China

Dale, BA4TB will be active from China in CQ WW DX CW Contest 26 - 27 November 2016 as BA4TB.
He will operate in SOSB 160m Category.
QSL via BA4TB.
Ads for direct QSL:
Dale Yu, 138-3302,Yinren Yushu Garden, WUXI 214011, China.

China BA4TB Golden Buddha, Mount Emei.Golden Buddha, Mount Emei, China. Author - Joy Snow.

China BA4TB DX News PandaPanda, China. Author - Stanley Zimny.

China BA4TB Tourist attractions spot Red PandaRed Panda, China. Author - Renata Gross.

BA4TB. Where is China located. Map.

BA4TB China. Sunrise 12-10-2023 at 00:00 GMT sunset at 09:50 GMT
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