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BA7CK is currently active from Woody Island (IOTA AS-143) , Paracel Islands as BA7CK
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Woody Island, also known as Yongxing Island (simplified Chinese: 永兴岛; traditional Chinese: 永興島; pinyin: Yǒngxīng Dǎo; literally "Eternal Prosperity Island") and Phu Lam Island (Vietnamese: Đảo Phú Lâm), is the largest of the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

Since 1974 it has been occupied by the People's Republic of China. It is administered by the Yongxingdao Neighborhood Committee as part of Sansha City of Hainan Province, and serves as the seat of the prefecture-level city of Sansha. The island is also claimed by the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Vietnam

The island has no indigenous inhabitants, but is currently inhabited by fishermen, (Chinese) civil servants, and People's Liberation Army soldiers who are stationed on the island.

Fishing activities in the South China Sea region surrounding the island had been documented in records since earlier Chinese dynasties. During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), Zheng He plotted the location of surrounding islands on a map. During the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), the Xuantong Emperor sent the Guangdong Navy to survey the Paracel Islands, and on the island they erected a stele and raised a flag. In 1932, the island was occupied by French Indochina.

The island was occupied by Japan during World War II. Following Japan's surrender at the end of the war, the Nationalist Chinese government sent four warships to the South China Sea in 1946 to reclaim the Spratly and Paracel Islands. Woody Island was renamed "Yongxing Island" after one of these Republic of China Navy warships, ROCS Yung-hsing (永興號).

After the Hainan Island Campaign in 1950 during the Chinese Civil War, the ROC garrison on Woody Island surrendered to the People's Liberation Army. Armed fishermen from the Chinese mainland in support of the communists gradually controlled Woody Island and a few other reefs within the eastern portion of the Paracels. Due to the struggle between the Nationalists and Communists, Chinese military presence in the Paracels was absent until the 1960s, where a military garrison occupied the eastern part of the archipelago. The Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) continued to exercise its sovereignty in the west part of the Paracels Islands after assuming control from the departing French colonialists, by maintaining a military garrison on the western part of the archipelago starting in the mid-1950s per a decision by Ngo Dinh Diem's administration . Within the 20 years thereafter, conflicts between the two sides have repeatedly erupted within the region. In January 1974, the PLA Navy captured the Paracel Islands during the Battle of the Paracel Islands

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