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BY4IB/4 Jiming Island

The IOTA from Jiming Island AS-146 The BY4IB/4 will QRV all band on the island for the DXpedition from 21st. to 28th, July 2013.
The Jiming Island lies at the northwest end of Weihai City which belongs to IOTA AS-146,the shape of the island likes a cock in the bird's-eye view ,the areas of the island just-only 0.4 square kilometres. In the island there is no mains power and fresh water which purified from the rain.
All the native were the fishman.
We will spend 8 days on the island, several partners are good at SSB, CW and RTTY who have more experiences in DXing and contesting. We are going to spend our first 6 days for the DXpedition and the 2 days for the IOTA contest. During the AS-146, We will QRV on all HF bands including WARC,2 stations will be working simultaneously.
The equipment includs KENWOOD TS-590*2, TS-480HX ,IC-7000 .The antenna were 5 bands Spiderbeam for 2(which were created by schematic diagram of DF4SA),AV640 for 1, and the other forms so on.
Given the present conditions, the output of the linear amplifier maybe 500w or less. Team: BG3MKT(Lee) BA4MY(Ma) BD4TS(Gu) BD4KA(Cong) BD4KM(Yuri) BH4SQE(Tony) BD4KW(Rong) BD4OJ(Fang) BH4IGO(Bian) BG4NRU(Suny) BD6NN(Huang) GRID:PM17fk
Well, thanks all for attention, see you on the air from AS-146.
VY 73! All Ma Zhen BA4MY

Jiming Island BY4IB/4

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