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News 18 October 2014

9H5G/C6A - Bahamas IOTA Activations 2014/2015

I intend to travel throughout the Bahamas during the winter and spring of 2014/5 activating the following groups:NA-001 Great Bahama Bank group,NA-113 South Bahamas group, NA-054 Berry Islands, NA-048 Bimini Islands. Some of these are rarer than others but since I will be travelling by boat, I am required to validate NA-054 and NA-048 through the IOTA Committee. I also hope to activate some islands that are not on the list, even although they seem to qualify (Hogsty Reef). I hope to have more information on this soon.

Working conditions are K3 or TS-480HX, VDA on 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and maybe 20m. Power from a deep-cycle 35Ah battery recharged as necessary.

Logs will be uploaded to LOTW, Clublog and to NI5DX as time and available internet permit. I will not always be able to update the Grid Square here remotely - you may have to enter the information in your software manually.

9H5G will be active from Bahama Islands 1-31 January 2014 as C6A/9H5G
He will be active on 160-10m.

Bahama Islands reflecting this history of Atlantic Ocean

Commonly referred to as Bahamas the Bahama Islands are basically categorized in island countries and it is famous for containing above seven hundred islets that are seen floating in Atlantic Ocean in a graceful manner towards Cuba’s northern side and towards Southeastern side of Florida and eastern corner of Florida Keys. Nassau enjoys status of being main capital and is counted in one of most important parts of this region. The reports, which have been presented, indicate towards point that these islets are covering 470,000 kilometer square of space of ocean. The beauty and natural charm of this region is magnificent and can’t be explained in words. If one considers historical aspects associated with this region, then many interesting points come into consideration. Initially Lucayan used to live here, but Bahama Islands gained recognition because of fact that these acted as initial landfall for Columbus in year 1942. Interesting point to highlight here is that people from Spain never colonized this region, but used natives as salves. In year 1718 these islets were given status of one of British Crown Colonies, after independence war of America, Crowns made the choice of resettling many Loyalists of America inside Bahama Islands. An important developed took place in year 1834 when eradication slavery was announced and presently descendents of slave population of that time comprise ninety percent of native population of these islets. Bahama Islands gained independence in year 1973, but Elizabeth II stayed ruler. You should have knowledge of fact that as far as GDP is concerned this island country is included in list of richest nations that are present in America. Main pillars of economy are finance and tourism.


Term Bahamas is taken from baja mar and has origins lying in Spanish and it acts as reflection of waters of lands that are shallow. In accordance with another tradition origins are found in Guanahani this is a native term whose meaning is not very clear. Also many other prominent meaning and origins are found associated with this term.

Bahamas C6A/9H5G DX News Pink sand

Geographical aspects associated with Bahama Islands

In year 1864 it was reported that twenty nine islets, six hundred and sixty one cays also more than 2000 rocks are present here. Bimini is present closet to US and is commonly notified as gateway to Bahamas. Towards eastern side Abaco islet is present and islet that is present towards southeastern corner is has been named as Inagua. Largest islet present in this group is named as Andros Island. Also many other islets are present where people live and all of them have their own significance and value. Mount Alvernia is notified as highest part of and can be found upon Cat Island experts mention that it is 63 m higher. The area of all islets is lower and flatter and ridges are present which don’t show elevation of more than fifteen to twenty meters. The conditions are suitable for supporting life and region is mostly noted for natural beauty.

Climatic conditions of Bahama Islands

Tropical Savannah climatic conditions are associated with this region. If we put at a history, then it becomes apparent that never ever frost has been reported in any of islets, but temperature can fall to three to five degree centigrade. However, generally it is reported that lower altitude, warmer tropical, lower elevation provide this region winterless climatic conditions. A difference of eight degree centigrade is noted between coolest and warmest months are majority of islets that are included in Bahama Islands. Rainfall follows sun shine as this is conventional and summers are regarded as wettest seasons. Sunny and drier conditions prevail for longer time period and this region experiences 3000 hours of sunlight on annual basis.

Hurricanes, storms also leave impact upon this region. In year 1992 Hurricane Andrew created impact upon north part of this islet.

Bahama Islands C6A/9H5G

Economical aspects

We have already indicated that Bahama Islands are included in one of the wealthiest countries of the region. Natives are heavily dependent upon tourism and because of this reason it is responsible for generation of strong revenues and provides great support to economy. In fact tourism industry is responsible for providing employment to half of country’s workforce. Financial services are considered as second best (first being tourism). Governing authorities have taken strict measures for encouraging foreign investment and still a good number of finance related and reforms of baking are being introduced. Government has plans related with merging regulatory functionalities of main financial institutes also exchange commission. Important point to highlight here is that economical aspects related with Bahama Islands are of competitive administration. Revenue of government is derived from following

  • Import
  • Tariffs
  • License Fees
  • Property tax
  • Stamp Tax

However, point that should be noted is that no income tax, capital gain taxes, corporate taxes, wealth taxes are imposed on locals by government.

Demographic details

Estimates that have been carried out highlight the point that a total of 383,825 individuals live upon Bahama Islands. the 2010 estimates suggested that growth rate of population is 0.925 percent.

  • Infant mortality rate here is 23.21 demises per one thousand live births
  • Life expectancy at time of birth is 69.87 years
  • Fertility rate is two children per woman.

Ethnic groups present are being highlighted below

  • Africans eighty five percent
  • Europeans twelve percent
  • Asians also Latin Americans three percent
  • Baptists 35.4 percent
  • Anglican are 15.1 percent
  • Roman Catholics are 13.5 percent
  • Pentecostal are 8.1 percent
  • Church of God 4.8 percent
  • Methodist are 4.2 percent
  • Other Christians are 15.2 percent

Official language of this region is noted as English. Estimates that are collected in year 1995 depicted that 98.2 percent are literate.

In short, Bahama Islands are very beautiful they are known for containing some of the best natural scenes of this world. They are successful in capturing attention of people from around globe and this is one of best and most exciting aspects related with Bahama Islands.

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