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C6AGT Green Turtle Cay Bahamas

Robert, AK4BM will be active again from Green Turtle Cay, IOTA NA-080, Bahamas, 21 December 2014 - 3 January 2015, as C6AGT.
He will operate on 40- 10m mainly SSB.
QSL via home call.

The Green Turtle Bay Island in Bahamas

Located in the Bahamas is the beautiful island called Green Turtle Bay. It is within Abaco out islands. Its length is 3 miles while it is half a mile wide. The name was chosen as a result of the green turtles that are in abundance here and inhabit the area. Its population is 450 and the main settlement is found in new Plymouth. This was founded back in the 18th century. The architecture consists especially of the older homes located in villages, and it is very unique in the Bahamas. The roofs are steep pitched and this originates from the New England settlers.

About Green Turtle Bay

New Plymouth has got a museum which has paintings of Alton Lowe, churches, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, immigration and customs office, a bank and a post office.

Cars are allowed within the island but in most cases, people chose to get around using bicycles and golf carts. These can be rented by tourists who choose to visit the island. The island is renowned for the wonderful beaches that are truly magnificent. There are also some full service hotels located here and most have got boat marinas. The most popular are green turtle club and bluff house. A boat repair yard is also available and has haul out slips. The island offers a stopover point for the vessels that are southbound especially during the rage seas period within the whale cay passage.

Green Turtle Cay C6AGT QSL

Discovering Green Turtle Bay

Green Turtle Bay is one of those places where you just relax and take in the surroundings while at the same time enjoying different kinds of activities in a serene environment. The island is quite small, covering a length of only 3 miles. It is within the Bahamas family and one notable thing about the island is the fact that the only way to reach it is by boat. The island lies on harbor that is picturesque ad is surrounded by some of the most outstanding beaches that the world has ever seen!

The location is quite enviable and it is for this reason that it has become a sweetheart with many tourists. Most of the hotels are located within the town and from such hotels, taking a tour of the surroundings becomes quite an easy thing.

Bahamas C6AGT Tourist attractions

A vacationers paradise

This is one of those destinations that vacationers just relax and let go. There is a lot to see and do while on the island. The food is one of the biggest things on the island. This is a place where you get to enjoy fresh seafood. You also get to enjoy menu of a Caribbean and world fusion. This makes meal times in turtle cay fun times. Most of the buildings have been built to go with that colonial charm associated with Green Turtle Bay as well as the loyalist settlement in new Plymouth.

Green Turtle Bay allows you to enjoy hospitality to great heights. The English Bahamian hospitality is sampled and there is a lot of attention given to the visitors. It is the ideal location for relaxation and very sophisticated comfort.

The other thing that makes it such an ideal spot for vacations is the fact that casinos, traffic, pollution and crime do not exist! This sounds like heaven! It is a place where you get your dose of fresh air and just enjoy the simple life with great ease. You can engage in various activities including:

  • Diving in the gin clear waters
  • Relaxing so as to unwind on the pool areas or the beach
  • Snorkeling
  • Sailing
  • Fishing

The above are activities that are well catered for and where certain facilities are required, they are offered for hire and various points. For people who love explorations, this is the ideal location. There are secret coves, fishing villages, beaches and remote islands. These are some of the things that may capture an adventurous mind. There is much thrill associated with such activities and you are bond to have great fun while sampling the island.

Green Turtle Cay Bahamas C6AGT

Accessibility of Green Turtle Bay

Green Turtle Bay can be accessed by boat from the mainland, Florida; there is dependable air service that can be used and this directs to the mainland Abaco. A taxi is needed to cover a very short distance so as to get to the ferry which takes a minimum of 15 minutes. An alternative is the marsh harbor international airport but this requires a longer taxi ride to get to the dock.

The inter-island air service is quite inexpensive today and many tourists are choosing to combine a sat within Nassau island and Green Turtle Bay. The remote beaches contrast the sceneries experienced within the major resorts found in the Bahamas.

Green Turtle Cay Bahamas DX News C6AGT

Other notable things about Green Turtle Bay

The island is well known for the amazing powder white beaches that are situated here. The waters can be described as crystal clear and emerald green. The colonial architecture is yet another colorful and notable thing on the island. This is a place where many people from different parts of the world come so as to relax and enjoying some sort of renewal. Green Turtle Bay is ranked among the smaller islands that surround greater Abaco. The green turtles that are located here are the most dominant feature that the island enjoys today.

Loyalists that were fleeing the revolution in America were the first to settle here and they were European. They arrived in the year 1783. Green turtle was one of the earliest settlements in Plymouth. The soil quality was very poor and this means that most of the gentlemen who were farmers were forced to leave when the eighteenth century was closing. There are some who remained behind so as to try out subsistence farming while others tried out as seamen and boat builders. These men passed on all the crafts down to their generations.

It became a capital of Abacos in the 1850’s and by 1880, citrus and pineapples started to be exported. The 1932 hurricane caused most of the survivors to move to Key West.

Today, it has become a place where explorations begin. It is an island that is filled with a lot of activities and is indeed one of the few gems that remain in the world today.

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