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HC1PF Ecuador

Luis, IV3PRK permanently mooved to Ecuador and will be active as HC1PF.
He will erect 160m antenna soon and will start activity.
Luis is a member of Quito Radio Club.
QSL via P.O.Box 17-17-567 Quito, Ecuador

A short introduction of Ecuador

Ecuador is officially known as the Republic of Ecuador and it is located in the North West side of South America.Capital of Ecuador is Quito and Guayaquil is the largest city, according to the historical facts. There are different languages which are spoken in Ecuador and these are categorized as official, and regional languages in the society. Spanish language is an official language of Ecuador; Kichwa, Shuar and various other regional languages are also spoken in Ecuador. National Assembly of Ecuador is an imperative and essential legislative institution for best operation of governing systems. Area of Ecuador is 109,484 SQ meter andpopulation, according to estimates of 2011 is described as 15,223,680.


There is extraordinary assortment in the atmosphere, generally dictated by elevation. It is gentle year-round in the mountain valleys, with a damp subtropical atmosphere in beachfront ranges and the rainforest in swamps. The Pacific beachfront territory has a tropical atmosphere with a serious turbulent spell. The ambiance in the Andes is calm and moderately dry, and the Amazon bowl on the eastern side of the mountains imparts the atmosphere of other rain forest zones. In view of its area at the equator, Ecuador encounters a little variety in light hours amid the track of a time; mutually initial glow and sundown ensue each date at the two six o'clock hours. So, atmosphere of Ecuador is likable and people like to visit this place for enjoyment. This scenario is increasing the public attraction in the tourism industry and financial strength can be attained. This condition is favorable for population of Ecuador because citizens can live in the society comfortably without any intricacy.

Ecuador HC1PF


When it comes to the climate in Ecuador, it varies, and the experience will be different. It mainly depends on the location. In Quito, capital of Ecuador, the spring is basically there all year long. During the day, the temperature is around 25 C (76 F), and when the night falls, the temperature goes down as well, with 10 C (50 F). People can enjoy the sunny weather every day, because the sun definitely makes a huge difference. However, when the clouds gather over the city, warmer clothes are a must.

Some other parts of Ecuador have different weather. The climate in the areas where rainforests and beaches are is tropical.

Quito – capital city of Ecuador

Ecuador capital city, Quito, definitely deserves special attention. Quito is not the largest city of Ecuador, it is Guayaquil, but it is unquestionably a magical place. It is located 2,800 meters (9,350 feet) above the level of the sea, which officially makes it the highest capital in the entire world. According to the 2014 census, the city has the population of almost 2,672,000. Before the current name the city has today, it was known as the San Francisco de Quito.

In addition to breathtaking scenery, Quito is the city known for so many wonderful things. All around the city, there are colonial churches. The wealth of the city also lies in the sculptures and paintings. In 1978, UNESCO declared Quito as the part of the work cultural heritage. Beautiful buildings and streets, and the architecture in general are simply stunning.

Since the city is located in the mountain range, whenever you turn, the view you will get is the unforgettable one. Even the culture in the city, as well as its history is long and rich, the story in the modern downtown is entire different. There are many clubs, pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants. You can see people dancing all around, in the clubs, but in the streets as well. The thing that makes Quito so special is the fact that all the residents are extremely musical, passionate, and very sensual. Everything is so cheerful, and sound of salsa makes the entire experience even better.

Ecuador HC1PF DX News

Main tourist attractions of Ecuador

Ecuador is the country that has so much to offer, and there are many highly attractive tourist destinations. Some of them are:

Banos – it is a small city, which has astonishing waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes all around. It is the favorite place for those who are seeking for true adventure and jungle tours.

Cotopaxi - an excellent place to be visited by those who are fascinated by volcanoes. Its height is almost 19,500 feet, which is approximately 6,000 meters, and the fact its top is covered with snow does not come as a surprise.

Tena – another astonishing city, which is known as a jungle city, where the cinnamon industry is blooming. Rafting and Kayaking experience is something unforgettable, because of the Tena River.

Quito – as the capital of Ecuador, which is truly amazing, this city is the regular stop of almost every tourist who comes to visit Ecuador. With beautiful streets, architecture, and the view which city offers, Quito is something that must be seen.

Churches and cathedrals – the country has many astonishing cathedrals and churches, which make the entire experience for tourist even more incredible. It is hard to list he most beautiful ones, because there are many of them.

Galapagos Islands – even they are isolated, the islands are incredibly beautiful, with many protected species, as well as the astonishing beaches.

Ecuador HC1PF Tourist attractions

Ecuador - heaven or earth for tourists

With some of the tourists attractions listed, it is clear that Ecuador really is the heaven on earth for tourist from all over the world. With mountains, waterfalls, volcanos, rainforests, jungles, beaches, and astonishing architecture in the beautiful cities, it seems like everything is covered. Wherever you look, the scenery is simply breathtaking. For many, the Ecuador is considered as a true gem, because it could not be said it is such a popular destination as some others are. However, people from every corner of the world started to discover how wonderful the country is.

It is an excellent choice for a trip with friends, honeymoon or family vacation. Activates available are excellent, and some of them are: mountain biking, skiing, horse riding, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, etc. There is something for every individual who comes to visit, and that is exactly what makes this wonderful country so attractive and amazing.

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