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C6AHB Bimini Islands Returning

Date: August 9, 2021
Contact: Richard Visman, NN2T, C6AHB,, 904-652-5801


Bimini DXpedition is returning to Bimini, Bahamas, October 25 through November 4, 2021, led by Richard Visman, C6AHB, NN2T. The DXpedition will again focus on bringing Bimini to the world and on participation in CQ WW SSB as a DX multiplier. Modes will be SSB and digital.

C6AHB Bimini Islands Bahamas Returning

Note that Bimini DXpedition (C6AHB) is not affiliated with C6AHA or C6AHC.

Bimini DXpedition consists of members of a successful July 14 to 21, 2021 DXpedition on Bimini. "The Bimini team did a super job, congrats" writes Jan, PE0JBE.

For October`s DXpedition Bimini DXpedition has secured a waterfront home with a 90 foot dock and will have antennas in a saltwater environment. "We're looking forward to seeing what antenna performance we can achieve in this environment." said NN2T/C6AHB. Bimini also has capacity available for additional participants at another nearby Ham-friendly location.

The July 14 to 21, 2001 DXpedition resulted in thousands of new contacts for the island. Some of which include:


RY9C Russia Image 4

Serge, RY9C in Central Asiatic Russia contacted C6AGB by e-mail in order to set up a contact; he is pending at 397 islands. The only catch was that even with FT-8, Serge's 100 watts and a wire were not making the trip. C6AHB was -13. The pair tried for about an hour, at which time Serge advised that he would move to a more-powerful station with a kilowatt and a beam. They agreed to meet by e-mail the next night. At the appointed time, within a few cycles they had confirmed the contact. And much to C6AHB's surprise, Serge did it with his own 100 watts and a wire.

RY9C Russia Image 3


Even before all the logs were uploaded Rich W8VK e-mailed about the status of his QSO, and for good reason. "... was hoping you would Confirm Our QSO in LoTW for my Last needed confirmation for my 10th band 12 meters! " said Rich. C6AHB immediately checked the logs and found it. With a quick upload to LOTW his tenth band was confirmed. Congratulations Rich.


The e-mail read: “I am working toward my 100 countries. Since I am 87 I hope I get there before I die and I sure need your card. Best regards to you and your family and good health.” Well, if you can accelerate the confirmation process for a "mere" ten X twelve award, then end-of-life planning calls for extra attention. C6ABH quickly found the contact, confirmed it, and advised the gentleman of his good fortune.

"As a first-time DXpeditioner, I did not expect these and the other rich, non-technical experiences our team had" said C6AHB. "It's definitely an experience worth repeating." he said."It was an enjoyable experience, I'm glad I went" said DXpedition member Linda, KN4KJC.

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