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Travis, AF6WU is currently active from Bahamas as C6AWU.
He is working on HF bands.
QSL via home call, LOTW, eQSL.



It is interesting to note that the Bahamas is one of the two countries that have its official name beginning with “the”. Yes this is the English prospect of the name. While in Spanish, the Bahamas is derived from the name that describes it as shallow water, sea or a low tide. It is therefore an island country that is located near the Atlantic Ocean. It is majorly characterized by several islands, islets and cays. The capital city of Bahamas is obviously the Nassau that is located on the island of the New Providence. Some of the regions the surround the area include: the Atlantic Ocean, south eastern part of one of the popular US states (Florida), Turks, Cuba, Hispaniola and the Caicos Islands. Apart from being addressed as a country, it can also be referred to as a chain of islands since it hosts multiple of them.

If we look at a brief history of the country we discover that it was colonized by the British but later on became an independent commonwealth realm. At this point in time, the country reestablished itself in terms of tourism and finance and the fact is that Bahamas ranks among the richest countries in the American continent.

The way of life of the habitats of the catches your attention and to understand more of their aspects you will dwell on their national flag. It has a black equilateral triangle and three strips of the aquamarine, gold and the aquamarine colors. The main purpose of the colors is to symbolize the natural environment, the economic and the social growth of the country. In most cases it is considered as one of the main driving forces that have made its people to prosper and become one of the most economically stable states.

Interestingly, the country also has a court of arms which is regarded as the theme statement of the people. It is comprised of the shield and other symbols that are at the focal point. The shield has a support that has a flamingo and the marlin; they are the national animals of the country that are located on land and in the water respectively. There is also representation of the varied marine life and the popular ship and a banner that is encrypted with the national motto. Indeed Bahamas is also considered as one of the most organized countries in the world.

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It is one of the most comfortable countries to live in since its climate is tropical savanna, indication that there is basically a warm winterless condition in the course of the year. The country also experiences low latitudes and tropicals that are usually warm. There are seasonal rains that are usually followed by the sun and in most cases the summer time is regarded as the wettest period of the year. One fact though, the country faces one of the most destructive hurricanes and tropical storms since the region is classed as the perfect breeding ground for this condition.


This is the feature that makes the country one of the best tourist attraction sites. Being located at latitudes and longitudes that are friendly, the country is composed of approximately 661 cays, 29 islands and about 2,387rocks.

One of the characteristic of all the islands is that they are low and flat making mount Alvernia the highest point of the country which is elevated at about 207 feet and is located on the Cat Island. The largest island in the Bahamas is referred to as the Andros Island while an island in the Bahamas that is closest to the United States is known as the Biminis Island it is also referred to the gateway to the Bahamas. There are lots of inhabited islands and they include the Eleuthera, Long Island, and Salvador Island, Acklins, Crooked Island Mayaguana and the New Providence Island.

There are also extensive submarine features that add to the list of the attraction sites and they include the:

  • Silver bank
  • Mourchoir bank
  • Navidad bank

They are the continuation of the Bahamas and on the south eastern side they are bordered by the Caicos and the Turks Islands.

With these, the country attracts million of tourists and this has massively contributed to the economy of the country. It also benefits the citizens of the country since it is the sole provider of jobs.

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Economically, Bahamas is driven by the economic sector. There are other important economic sectors that also contribute including financial and the accounting services. The organized manner in which the country operates its services is one of the driving forces that lead the country towards the positive front. The government also initiates back up plans that boosts the economy incase need arises. The fact is that inspire of all the shortcomings, Bahamas has proven to be one of the most stable countries in the continent.

Apart from the geography, the natural occurrences and the manner in which the economy of the country shapes itself, there is the other factor that gives you the urge to know about the country, the people and their culture. There are distinctly two kinds the afro Bahamas and the white Bahamas. The afro Bahamas are believed to have originated from West Africa and their intermarriages with the white Bahamas is believed to yield lots of positive results.

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The culture of the Bahamas is unique and is mostly rich in traditions, beliefs and other legends a d folklore. There are several of the legends and each one of them signifies certain facts according to their tradition. Some of the popular folklores include:

  • The Lusca in Andros
  • Chickcharnies
  • Lost city of the Atlantis on the bimini in Bahamas
  • Pretty molly on the exuma Bahamas
  • The andro Bahamas

There rich culture has always made them to be uniquely identified in any part of the continent. In addition they are known for their sports that is also a significant part of their culture.

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