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C92ZO Mozambique

Marko, N5ZO will be active from Mozambique in CQ WW DX CW Contest 28 - 29 November 2015 as C92ZO.
He will operate in SOAB HP Category.
QSL via OH0XX direct, LOTW.
He will be active also before and after contest.
Ads for direct QSL:
Olli Rissanen, OH0XX, Salmelankuja 14, Jääli FI-90940, Finland.
DXCC country - Mozambique.
WAZ Zone - CQ 37.
ITU Zone - 53.
QTH Locator - KG64.

Mozambique C92ZO Ghost crab (Ocypode spp.) on the beach
Ghost crab (Ocypode spp.) on the beach, Mozambique, Southern Africa

Mozambique C92ZO DX News Traditional sail boat called a dhow
Traditional sail boat called a dhow, Vilanculos coastal sanctuary, Mozambique, Southern Africa

Mozambique C92ZO Tourist attractions spot Unidentified Makua women, with traditional white face mask
Unidentified Makua women, with traditional white face mask, welcome a group of tourists, August 27, 2009 in Pangane, Mozambique.

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  • Callsign: N5ZO
  • 2015-11-25 14:26:30
Greetings from Mozambique: I have about 2k QSOs in log here and 40-10 m are all working fine. I'm getting many requests for 160 m contacts, some for 80 m. Last night I was able to make about 60 QSOs on 80 and first 3 contacts on 160. Both band conditions have been very poor last 2 nights I have been able to operate those bands here. I would have been able to make more Qs last night, but needed to try to rest for next weekend and after long travels. This is the plan now: Today Wednesday night before contest I will be on 80/160 through sunrise period here, 02-03 z. 03 z I have other activity. May also be QRV on those low bands earlier in the evening until 22 z or so. Thursday & Friday night before contest no late night activity here so maybe some early evening QRV only on low bands, but I need to try to rest before contest. After contest on Monday morning local time we will take down all antennas except 80/160 and I can be QRV on 80/160 only all night between Monday and Tuesday. So if I have I have any energy left from my planned 48 hrs contest operation I will be on 80/160 from Monday night sunset all the way until sunrise here at 03z on Tuesday morning when last antenna ie 80/160 will also be taken down. Of course I will be on all bands during this weekends contest, so will also spend some time on 80/160. Please no new sked request as I want to operate radio and not computer here. 73 de Marko C92ZO (N5ZO)