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CE0Z/CE5WQO Robinson Crusoe Island Juan Fernandez Islands

CE5WQO will be active from Robinson Crusoe Island (IOTA SA-005), Juan Fernandez Islands 19 - 27 November 2014 as CE0Z/CE5WQO.
He will be active on HF bands.
QSL via KA3LKM direct.
Information from Felipe:

Hello Alexander:

I will operate as CE0Z/CE5WQO from Juan Fernandez Isl. between november 23 - december 02 2014.

I will be active on HF Bands from 160-10 mts

Icom IC-746pro + PS 125
W8AMZ G5RV Antenna - 2 element yagi antenna to 20-15-10mts
PA: Yaesu FL-2100z lineal amplifier.
Headset: Heil Pro set Plus.

Can you help with announce on your web site this activation?

73`s From Chile
Felipe CE5WQO

Felipe Gutiérrez Sáez

Robinson Crusoe—Island: Mass a Tierra

Robinson Crusoe Island is a very popular and attractive island that holds the status of being the 2nd largest island of the popular Juan Fernandez Islands. Before moving ahead let’s put a quick look upon the Juan Fernandez Islands. It is a popular group of islands present in the (South Pacific Ocean). They are located at a distance of 670 kilometers off Chile’s coast. Three volcanic islands are included in this group and their names are being mentioned below

  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Santa Clara
  • Alejandro Selkirk

This group of islands is normally popular because of their mention in the popular tale of Alexander Selkirk who was stranded on the island for a period of four years. When we talk about Robinson Crusoe Island (Juan Fernandez), then it is important to highlight here that it is regarded as a densely populated island in archipelago. The island is known for having mountainous terrain and credit for this goes to primordial lava flows. Highest point of the island is 3,002 ft above sea level. Steeper valleys are ridges are common here because of strong corrosion. The island is situated towards the western boundary amid South American Plate and Nazca Plate. An interesting point to mention here is that earlier the Robinson Crusoe Island was known as Mas a Tierra which means “closer to land”. Its name changed and behind this a very interesting and amazing tale is present which we will discuss later in this article.

Juan Fernandez Islands Robinson Crusoe Island CE0/CE5WQO DX News

Climatic conditions of Robinson Crusoe Island (Juan Fernandez)

This group of island normally witnesses subtropical Mediterranean climate along with cooler Humboldt Current that moves from north to east. The range of temperature is between 37 °F- 93 °F. Elevated areas are normally cool and occasionally frosts are also noticed. Mean precipitation annually is 42.6 in. The variations in rain are highly dependent upon El Niño-Southern Oscillation. During winters level of rainfall is high and variations are seen along with exposure as well as elevation. On the other hand the west side of the Island is normally dry.

The beauty and attractions

The island has been bestowed with immense beauty by nature along with amazing flora and fauna provide an experience that is not easy to forget. Specifically the flora of island is exclusive and you are going find some of the rarest species of world in this charming island. The remoteness of this island is responsible for the fact that its species have faced evolution and have accustomed specified niches of environment. Here, it is important to highlight that ecosystem of island has been affected by the introduction of species that are exotic on ecologic levels, but still the island acts as home to brilliant local flora and these days it has earned the status of Biosphere Reserve of the world.

The Biodiversity of this island deserves a special mention here and it is responsible for attracting a good number of tourists every year. It is a heaven for adventure lovers and its main attractions are related with its different nature, amazing remoteness and adventurous spirit.

Juan Fernandez Islands Robinson Crusoe Island CE0/CE5WQO Tourist attractions

The story of Robinson Crusoe

We have already highlighted the fact that originally this island was known as Mas a Tierra, but it was renamed after a seaman from Spain who was responsible for the discovery of this beautiful island in the year 1574. The novel “Robinson Crusoe” that was initially published in the year 1719 brought fame and recognition to island. The novel was written by Daniel Defoe who was inspired from a story of Alexander Selkirk who was a seaman from Scotland and lived in isolation on the Mas a Tierra for a period of four years from 1704 to 1709. Defoe was very impressed with entire true story and after doing research on it he turned it into a novel which became very popular among masses.

According to the novel Robinson Crusoe is suspended on the island and lives there for a period of 28 years and faces many adventures during this time period. On the other hand when we consider the real man named Alexander Selkirk from Scotland he was left on the island under discussion by the captain of Cinque Ports, which late sank for survival Selkirk was left with gun, hatchet, knife as well as navigation book, food storage for three days and Bible. However, he was a smart man because of this reason Selkirk was successful in building hut and used different measures for surviving and living. He had many entertaining adventures in the island and loved chasing goats on rocky hill side. Rats used to disturb him during night so for dealing with them he raised cats. In addition, to this many interesting events are associated with the story and reality is that it’s a tale which provided recognition to Robinson Crusoe Island.

Selkirk was rescued in the year 1709 after four years by the pirates of a vessel named Duke. They were shocked to see Selkirk and later mentioned in their descriptions that he appeared to them as a hairy human who was wearing goatskin, which was stinking and was not unable to communicate in proper English because of lack of its use.

In the novel Crusoe was successful in developing a rough estimation of days by notching numbers upon wooden stake, he was successful initially, but after some time lost track of days and after this he had no idea about time till he was rescued. Another interesting event mentioned in the novel is that Crusoe rescued a man from cannibals and named him Friday. He became his companion and helper in other parts of the novel and together they met a number of adventures.

Juan Fernandez Islands CE0Z/CE5WQO

After the novel

The island gained immense recognition after the release of novel and since, then it has attained the status of being a popular tourist spot. Today the group of three islands is known not only for its biodiversity, but also because of the interesting tale of Crusoe. In short, they are not less than a wonder on earth.

Video Robinson Crusoe Island Juan Fernandez Islands

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