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CQ WW Contest Committee Update
Dear Contester,
The CQ WW Contest Committee (CQWWCC) wishes to announce the beginning of informational updates. We hope these periodic updates will serve to inform you of actions taken by the CQWWCC, behind the scenes committee work, history of the CQ WW and other topics. With this update, we will initiate regular communication with the contest community beginning later this week.
In spite of our reluctant sun to bring new sun spots into play, contest continues to grow at unparalleled rates. The 2008 CQ WW contests occurred with the solar flux about as low as it can get. In spite of challenging conditions, over 10,000 plus contesters submitted logs. The CQ WW is a fantastic competition which brings out the best in amateur radio: team work, station construction, antenna design, propagation knowledge and operating skills. Just turn on your radio during the 2009 CQ WW and you can join in the fun. Once you listen to the bands during the CQ WW, you will be hooked and guaranteed to have a good time.
The full 2009 CQ WW rules can be found at
We look forward to providing more updates in the future. In the meantime, if you have any questions, such as translation of any update into your language, please contact .
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