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There is an excited discussion now in CQ-Contest reflector, sometimes turning into opposition, concerning "open logs".
To my mind it would be quite normal to officially publish the Highest Claimed Scores. It would be very much interesting to many people. It would exclude things like moving people from one entry category to another by the Committee secretly of contest community or "missing" logs.

Claimed Scores and entry categories could be published in the list of logs received, so everybody interested could make up such a table. I agree that publishing logs after Official Results are announced is not criminal but will let others to learn contesting. Anyway most of top contestmen share their know-how with contest community. Following the winner's tactics, drawn according to his previous year log, does not mean that one will manage to win this year. Tactics changes from one contest to another.

There is no point in concealing logs. Cheaters only need it, because if Contest Committee miss their cheating, contest community will undoubtedly reveal and note it.

73 Al 4L5A

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