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CQ WW Observer Programm

I just received an e-mail from Box Cox CQWW Contest Director regarding CQWW
Observer program. You can read the e-mail at the end of this post.
Taking into account that I (CT1BOH) am a member of CQWW Contest Committee,
please do note that my post is in my quality of competitor in the contest.

The important points in the letter are:

• The CQWW CC seeks my permission to have an observer during my next operation
• The stated reason is I have done well in the past
• The CQWWCC wants my confirmation if I will participate in the CQWW CW
• The CQWWCC informs me that similar letters were sent to W2SC, YT1AD and
RD3AF, among others

My comments are:

1. I have already confirmed that CR3E/CT1BOH station is open to any CQWW

2. I welcome CQWW Contest Committee decision to implement the Observer
program and to inspect one of its members at the very start of the program

3. At the time I am writing this, only I, CT1BOH/CT3NT have announced a CQWW
CW operation (, so it is very
interesting to note that one doesn’t need to announce an operation to be
subject of a possible observer inspection. I believe if one thinks he can
skip an inspection, he will receive a request for an inspection the next
year and the next...

4. Trying to understand the rational behind the inspections selection I did
a small exercise: If I award 5,4,3,2,1 points for position #1,2,3,4,and 5
respectively in the CQWW SOAB category for the last five years the result
is: CT1BOH 18 points, YT1AD 14 points, W2GD 11 points, W2SC 7 points, N2NT 6
points. You can compare that the callsigns in my exercise are very close to
to the list of stations to inspect. CQWW CC is adopting a correct policy for
inspectors to top contenders

Two final remarks:

Until now people supposedly trusted each other and/or whenever there was an
extraordinary performance usually one of the two possibilities was present:
either the operator is a top class operator or
he is a cheater (he cheats with packet, he cheats with power, he cheats with
additional operators filling-in, etc.)
With the observers program, the doubt of the potential cheater is finally
The observer program puts the cheater into a big dilemma:

• Operate the contest according to the rules, and have a score not matching
the scores of past years, when there were no observers
• Not operate the Contest, present an excuse and let the cast of cheater’s
doubt deepen

Today is a great day for contesting!

P.S. Dilemma definition: Problem offering at least two solutions, of which
none are practically acceptable.

Hope to see you all from CR3E.

73 José Nunes

From: Bob Cox
Date: 2009/10/18
Subject: Observer
To: José Nunes CT1BOH
Dear Fellow Contester,

The CQ WW Contest Committee would like to ask you to participate in our
observer program during the CQ WW CW 2009 contest. In the past you have
entered the single operator high power category and done very well.

Our observer will need full access to your operation. He will be instructed
to not interfere with your effort, and by arriving a day or so before the
contest, he can assist you in your set-up, if needed.

Please help us out by confirming receipt of this letter. After we receive a
response from you, together we can work out the logistics. If your plans do
not include a single operator high power effort, please let us know.

We will be sending observers to the locations operated by CT1BOH, RD3AF,
W2SC and YT1AD, and potentially other locations. All have recently been
competitors for a top position.


CQ WW Contest Committee

José Nunes

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Jim Neiger
  • Callsign: N6TJ
  • 2009-11-07 22:58:18
The new Observer program is long overdue. Whereas referee's long ago demonstrated their value in keeping WRTC competitors on the straight path; some in other major contests have believed that just their scores would, by themselves. give credibility to their bogus operations. Jose states that he, W2SC, RD3AF, YT1AD will be watched in the upcoming CQ WW CW. Needless to say, the "new operations" will be watched by all, so as to see consistency with their past scores. I must confess that I am surprised to see YT1AD suddenly bail from his No. 1 World 3V8 location and suddenly join a M/M in the U.S. Hmmmmm. What goes, Hrane? I was sure that you would want to prove to all with an Observer on site. N6TJ