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CY0S Sable Island

CY0S Team will be active from Sable Island, IOTA NA - 063, October - November 2022.
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CY0S Log search They will operate on All Bands, CW, SSB, FT8, EME, Sat.
Earlier planned they will use CY0C call sign.

CY0S Sable Island News 14 May 2022

As announced previously, the 2022 Sable Island CY0S DXpedition has been formally approved for this October/November. As soon as the exact dates are determined by Parks Canada, we will release them to the DX community. Parks Canada is extremely busy with maintenance projects which have priority. Environment Canada completely automated their Sable weather station in 2019 so they no longer have personnel on the island. As planning continues, the CY0S team faces significant costs. This is by far the most expensive CY0DXpedition ever. The budget for this DXpedition is $65,000. The team will charter the Sable Aviation fixed wing aircraft as well as the Vision Air Sikorsky SK76 helicopter. The team will require two round trip flights with Sable Aviation and two round trip flights with Vision Air. These charters are at a very significant cost. Additionally, Parks Canada charges for the use of the Visitor Quarters next to the Sable Station. The team members have committed to paying a minimum of 50% of the cost of the DXpedition. Currently, our fund raising is just starting to ramp up. We encourage DX'ers worldwide who need Sable Island to support our efforts. It's been a long six years with trying to make this DXpedition a reality. The team has had to overcome many obstacles.

CY0C Sable Island News 15 March 2022

The DXpedition has been authorized, however, the exact date is not yet been provided. The request is for October 2022. Indications have been positive, however, there are still issues for Parks Canada as to the schedule due to Parks projects on the island that will take priority. They are working hard to get the DXpedition scheduled

CY0C Sable Island News 18 July 2020

CY0C DX Pedition to Sable Island postponed until October 2021.

CY0C Sable Island News 25 May 2020

Many have asked about the impact COVID-19 could have to the Sable Island Dxpedition scheduled for October.
We are routinely in contact with Parks Canada and cautiously optimistic for October at this time. Certainly, matters can change quickly.

However, if the dxpedition schedule is delayed due to COVID-19 regulations, we have been assured by Parks Canada that they will work with us to reschedule the Dxpedition. The team has been polled, and all agree that they will be able to comply to revised dates. Currently the border between Canada and USA is closed until June 21. Shortly after that date, we hope to have a firm decision for October assuming no additional regulations for travel, etc are placed into effect.

Randy N0TG

CY0C Sable Island News

CY0C - Sable Island Permission for a Dxpedition has been authorized for Fall of 2020. Team leader - WA4DAN. Some time ago, we had scheduled fall of 2019 for Sable. Due to circumstances we had to reschedule to 2020. Hopefully this will be better for propagation. The permit process took over a year of emailing, phone calls, and furnishing documents. Sable at this point is no longer easily "permitted" for Ham Radio DXpeditions, as the policies have changed with the change in administration. In fact our permit finally was graciously authorized as a "one time special use permit". We believe that it is very probable that permits in the future may be esentially "nil" for a very long time. Among other policies, visitors to the island are not permitted overnight stays. Thankfully, we have been authorized to stay there for 7 - 8 days ( $300 per person per day). We are grateful and excited and look forward to meeting the challenge of a sizeable operation as if it were the last one for a very long time. The team for the upcoming CY9C St. Paul Island August Dxpedition will be the primary makeup of the Sable team. A "SABLE" information page will be maintained on the St. Paul website, This news update is provided at the request of Murray, WA4DAN-Sable and St. Paul Team Leader. Thanks, Randy N0TG

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CY0S. Where is Sable Island located. Map.

CY0S Sable Island. Sunrise 05-20-2022 at 08:26 GMT sunset at 23:25 GMT
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