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D66D Comoro Islands

D66D. OK1FPS, OK6DJ, OK1GK, OK2ZA, OK1BOA will be active from Comoro Islands (IOTA AF-007) 18 - 30 September 2016 as D66D.
They will operate on 160 - 10m CW, SSB, RTTY .
Ads for direct QSL:
David Beran, Dolni Kamenice 55, Holysov 34562, Czech Republic.

D66D. Comoro Islands. News 27 September 2016.

Team is not QRV today.

Comoro Island D66D Lunch
Comoro Islands. D66D Lunch.

D66D News 24 September 2016

D66D QRV in CQ WW DX RTTY Contest 24 - 25 September 2016.
No Low Band activity planned today.
Also no activity planned 27 September 2016.

Comoro Islands D66D OK6DJ
Comoro Islands D66D OK6DJ CQ WW DX RTTY Contest 2016.

Comoro Island D66D Rate
Comoro Islands. D66D Rate.

Total 27200 QSO.

D66D News 23 September 2016

Total - 20055 QSO
Last night
160m - 10 QSO
80m - 200 QSO with nice opening to North America.
Around 7 GMT they expect to upload new log to ClubLog.
Today D66D will start activity on 30 and 10m.
OK2ZA install more radials and SWR on 1825 now is 1,25.

Sunset Comoro Islands D66D DX PeditionSunset Comoro Islands. D66D DX Pedition

D66D News 22 September 2016

Team will start RTTY activity today.
D66D Antennas

Comoro Islands D66D Spider Beam AntennaComoro Islands. D66D Spider Beam antenna.

Comoro Islands D66D VDA Antenna
Comoro Islands. D66D VDA Antenna.

Comoro Islands D66D 80m antenna
Comoro Islands. D66D 80m Antenna.

D66D News 21 September 2016

David, OK6DJ inform that they still have very limited internet connection in D6.
They made 9 QSO on 160m and 430 QSO on 80m.
At the moment 12.30 Z bands closed 3 station QRV with rate 39 QSO per hour.
4 station running every night.

Comoro Islands D66D QRVComoro Islands. D66D DX Pedition QRV.

Comoro Islands D66D OK2ZAComoro Islands. D66D OK2ZA.

Comoro Islands D66D OK1GK OK1FPS OK1FCJComoro Islands. D66D. OK1FCJ, OK1GK, OK1FPS.

D66D News 20 September 2016

Club Log fully uploaded till 08:32 today morning

D66D News 18 September 2016

We are not sure how often we will be able to update and FB page in coming days. Comoro internet connectivity is extremely slow and I fly tomorrow to D6 to join team. Unless we find reliable and quick internet connection in coming days, there will be limited or theoretically no at all updates on our portals. Thank you for understanding

73 Petr OK1FCJ

D66D Comoro Islands DX Pedition News 16 September 2016

D66D Team Munich Airport

D66D Comoro Islands DX Pedition Munich Airport OK1FPS OK2ZA OK6DJ OK1BOA OK1GKD66D DX Pedition Team. OK1FPS OK2ZA OK6DJ OK1BOA OK1GK.

D66D DX Pedition Comoro Islands OK6DJ
D66D DX Pedition. OK6DJ.

D66D News 5 August 2016

LOTW Certificate received.

Comoro Islands D66D Baobab, Beach.Baobab, Beach, Comoro Islands. Author - Juergen Kurlvink.

Comoro Islands D66D DX News Chindini Beach.Chindini Beach, Comoro Islands. Author - David Stanley.

Comoro Islands D66D Tourist attractions spot Beach.Beach, Comoro Islands. Author- John.M.

D66D. Where are Comoro Islands located. Map.

D66D Comoro Islands. Sunrise 07-21-2024 at 03:22 GMT sunset at 14:55 GMT
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