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DU1/R7KW DU1/YL3JM Mindoro Island Lubang Island

Serge R7KW, Oleg YL3JM and Rustam RU6K will be active from Mindoro Island (IOTA OC-244) 21 - 30 November 2015 as DU1/R7KW and DU1/YL3JM.
They will operate on 160 - 10m CW, SSB, Digital modes.
They planning entry in CQ WW DX CW Contest 28 - 29 November 2015.
May be side trip to Lubang Island (IOTA OC-126) for 1 - 2 days.

News 24 November 2015.
Oleg, YL3JM and Rustam, RU6K will be active from Lubang Island (IOTA OC-126) 25 - 26 November 2015.
Tehy will operate on 40 - 10m.

Mindoro Island DU1/R7KW DU1/YL3JM Keep in distance. Mantis Shrimp.

Keep in distance. Mantis Shrimp is watching the photograph on Mindoro Island, Philippines at sandy buttom.

Mindoro Island DU1/R7KW DU1/YL3JM Tourist attractions spot A small waterfall.A small waterfall empties into a pool in a tropical setting located deep in the forest on the northern end of Mindoro Island in the Philippines. Green, red and yellow mosses and algae grow on the rocks. People have chipped letters into the rock behind.

Mindoro Island DU1/R7KW DU1/YL3JM DX News Tropical beach near Puerto Galera.Tropical beach near Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island, Philippines.

Where Mindoro Island is located. Map.

DU1/R7KW DU1/YL3JM Mindoro Island Lubang Island. Sunrise 12-09-2023 at 22:05 GMT sunset at 09:30 GMT
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