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E51HDJ E51XIW Rarotonga Island

Mathias DJ2HD and Gerd DJ5IW will be active from Rarotonga Island (IOTA OC-013), South Cook Islands 31 September - 6 October 2014 as E51HDJ and E51XIW.
They will QRV CW, SSB, RTTY from E51AND station.
QSL info:
E51HDJ via DJ2HD.
E51XIW via DJ5IW.

Rarotonga: A small heaven in the South Pacific Ocean

Small Information Regarding Rarotonga

Rarotonga is a small island placed at the South part of the Pacific Ocean. A more accurate geographic position is placing Rarotonga between New Zealand and Brazil. The whole area of the Island is 67.19 km2.

Rarotonga is part of the Cook Island Archipelago. The official language spoken in Rarotonga is English and Cook Island Māori. The island is also popular because of the woodcarving art. The dominant religion of Cook Island is Christianity, although the island has been through several religious disputes.

Rarotonga is the most populous island from the Cook Island archipelago, with a population of 13,095. That’s why most of the people from Cook Island are considered to be Rarotonga, but most of them are coming from different islands too. The Cook Island has a free association with New Zealand. The economy is mostly based on fruit harvesting and tourism.

Getting around Rarotonga

  • Air Travel: The international airport of the Cook Island can be found in Rarotonga. One of the reasons might be the number of people who are living in the Rarotonga Island
  • Driving: Rarotonga is surrounded by a single main road known as Ara Tapu. There is no road crossing the island.
  • Ship Travel: There are three harbors in Rarotonga and only one of them is actually doing commercial transportation.
  • Local Transportation: The tourists who are reaching Rarotonga can either rent a car or a momoped. However, they will have to acquire a Cook Island driver’s license which costs around 20 dollars and it requires a driving test.

Rarotonga Island E51HDJ E51XIW


One of the main things that are attracting lots of tourists every year is the traditional Polynesian music. However, Christian songs and popular hits from all over the world can be heard in Rarotonga too. In addition, music styles from New Zealand and Brazil can be heard on the local radios of the Cook Island too.

When it comes about cooking, the restaurants from the Cook Island are serving special dishes based on sea fruits. However, the main food is based on island-style dish. The dishes are mostly focusing on the fish cooking, next to oriental fruits such as pineapple. One of the most popular types of food in here is the sea cucumber with butter and garlic.

The children are learning the Christian values, and the education for them is free. The school can begin at the age of 5 and it ends at the age of 15. In addition, there are secondary schools for nurses and teachers, although some students are going in New Zealand for further education.


The Rarotonga Island is placed in the South Pacific Ocean. The island surrounded by a lagoon. However, because of the reefs from the north side of the island, the water sports and swimming are forbidden, but in the south side the swimming and water sports can be practiced. The island is mostly surrounded by mountains created from old volcanoes. During the winter months, the temperature is between 18oC and 28oC and during the summer period the temperature can reach 29oC. There is also a period of raining, usually between December and March.

Because of the mountains, the area is a bit wet. During the summer time, this fact can attract mosquitoes and other types of insects, but the island still remains an excellent place for visiting. The mountain area from Rarotonga is filled with jungle and the island is full of coconut palms. There are just a few birds, eight species of geckos and a single native mammal known as the Pacific Fruit-Bat.

Rarotonga Island E51HDJ E51XIW DX News

Sports and Science

Although Rarotonga is an island, the most popular sport in here is Rugby. Some people are expecting to be the surfing or another water sport, but actually the athletes from here are focusing on Rugby and Soccer. In addition, in 2009 the country was the host of the 2009 Pacific Mini Games.

Although this fact is not popular among ordinary people, on 30 May, 1965, five rockets were launched from Rarotonga with the purpose of studying a solar eclipse.

Rarotonga Island South Cook Islands E51HDJ E51XIW Tourist attractions

Places to Stay and Eat

  • One of the best places to stay when it comes about price and food would be the Manuia Beach Resort. The conditions are very good in here, although it doesn’t include luxurious rooms. In addition, this hotel is also having a private pool and beach view. The ones who are staying at the Manuia Beach Resort can see something unique if they are lucky enough. From the beach, or even from the balcony of the room, they can see the whales.
  • When it comes about eating, one of the best places from Rarotonga is The Mooring Restaurant. The cuisine in here is focusing in seafood. The place is excellent for couples or for family with kids. The prices are very good compared with the other local restaurants from the area.
  • Another great place for sleeping would be the Sunset Resort. Many people are saying that this place is quiet and comfortable. Moreover, the hotel received a Certificate of Excellence in 2014. The staff is very friendly and the rooms are cleaned every day. The tourists can relax on the beach, because the hotel is not very far from the sea-side or they can rent hammocks for just a few dollars.


Rarotonga is quite an impressive place to go on holidays. This place is excellent for those who want to have a tropical holiday. The people from Rarotonga are very friendly and are considered to be good hosts. The rate of criminality is also much reduced and everything is quiet. The landscapes are simply amazing, and the local cuisine is unique. Although some people are seeing Rarotonga as a small and boring island, there are actually many places in which the tourists can have lots of fun. Unfortunately, there are not too many historical places to visit, but once again, the nature and the beautiful landscapes are there to impress the ones who are coming in here for an exclusive holiday.

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