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E51LYC Pukapuka Atoll News 9 May 2017

E51LYC News 9 May 2017

E51LYC Pukapuka Atoll Amateur Radio DX Pedition 9 May 2017

9 May 2017 - Toronto, 18:45 UTC

I have a little over an hour until boarding the plane to Los Angeles. I was able to clear the carry-on, which includes one complete radio station (with headphones, key, mic and a multi-band vertical) along with the fiberglass telescopic poles. I have a checked luggage with has another complete station, clothing, personal effects, and some protein bars I like to chew when operating during night time.

Checked luggage is checked all the way to Rarotonga. I'd very happy if it arrives at the same time I will, but just in case it gets misplaced somewhere, I will have a complete radio set with me! I won't have any clothing for the couple of weeks on the island though... Well, let's hope that everything will arrive in time.

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