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F8CRS/6W Senegal

David, F8CRS currently active from Senegal as F8CRS/6W.
He is working on HF bands CW, RTTY.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

Senegal interesting stories to tell

Properly known as Republic of Senegal, Senegal is actually one of those countries that are present inside the Western African region. Inside the central land of Eurafrasia it is the country which is located towards extreme west. Senegal River is responsible for the naming of Senegal and it is present towards eastern and northern border. The data collected by relevant authorities has highlighted that country is extending over an area of 76,000 sq mi and 13 million individuals constitute its population. Tropical climatic conditions prevail here also dry and rainy seasons are two prominent highlights. Dakar works as the reputed capital of Senegal. During 17th and 18th centuries a number of trading related departments associated with European empires were developed along coastal region. Very interesting historical aspects and developments are related with Senegal are there as France took control of this area in year 1677and country was successful in getting independence in 1960. Prominent industries which are associated with region are being mentioned below

Fish processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer production, petroleum refining, construction materials, ship construction and repair.

  • Peanuts,
  • Sugarcane
  • Cotton,
  • Green beans,
  • Industrial tomato,
  • Cherry tomato,
  • Melon,
  • Mango

Muslims are found in majority here and presently French enjoys the status of being official language of this region.

Senegal 6W/F8CRS

The capital city

Dakar is commonly known as the capital of Senegal also its one of the largest cities of country. Situated upon Cap Vert Peninsula upon shoreline of Atlantic and is notified as being the western most, town inside Old Words upon central Africa. The estimates which were presented by reliable sources in year 2005 indicated towards the point that city has a total population of 1030594 individuals and number of people living inside metropolitan region is 24.45 million. Significant point is that Dakar has the reputation of being prominent administrative area of the country and acts as home towards many important and restricted offices and buildings like President’s house and National Assembly.


The country has taken its name from Senegal River which has a disputed etymology. In accordance with a theory which is very popular it is related with a phrase that has meaning pirogue and this resulted because of the lapses in communication that took place among Wolof fisherman and sailors from Portugal. This theory is very much popular among people and it’s considered as a source of promoting solidarity upon national levels and in media is often retold again and again. It is the view of historians of modern era that title can refer towards Berber Zenaga people who are living upon north corner of river. In addition, to this many other theories are present some have historical significance while others are myths, but simply it is logical to say that name of the country comes from Senegal River.

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Geographical aspects

This country is situated towards west of Africa and towards West Country is bounded by Atlantic, towards northern area Mauritania is present, towards east we have Mali. Coming towards the internal region it should be highlighted here that it’s surrounding Gambia upon east, south and north. Landscape of Senegalese comprises of rolling sandy plains of west Sahel that are rising towards southeastern foothills. The highest point of Senegal can also be found here that has no proper name and is situated near Nepen Diakha at a height of 584 meters. Senegal River forms the border towards north also Casamance and Gambia are other associated rivers. Capital is situated towards peninsula of Cap-Vert.

Climatic conditions of the region

The country is noted for having tropical climatic conditions and pleasant warmth is there during 12 months. The humid as well as dry seasons are properly defined which emerge as consequence of northeastern winds of winter and southwestern winds of summer. Drier season is dominated by hot winds. The capital city receives 600 millimeter of rainfall annually that happens from June to October and during this phase maximum mean temperature is 30 degree centigrade and minimum temperature is 24.2 degree centigrade. Temperature of regions that are present towards interior is high in comparison to areas that are present along shoreline. Tambacounda, which is situated towards extreme interior more specifically upon Mali’s border the desert starts and temperature, can also reach 54 degree centigrade. Northernmost part of this region includes nearer hot desert climatic conditions also central part is noted for having hot semi-arid climatic scenario. The conditions are favorable for supporting the requirements of natives and during major part of the year tourist also visit this place because of compatible scenarios.

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Demographic detail

The estimates present by valid sources have suggested that total population of Senegal is 13.5 million plus and of these 42 % are residing in rural regions. A wider variety of ethnic groups is found living inside this region and a number of languages are spoken here as well. Wolof is a prominent ethnic group present inside Senegal other percentages of different ethnic aggregations are being mentioned below

  • Fula ad Toucouleur 44 percent
  • Serer 14.7 percent
  • Jola 4 percent
  • Mandinka 3 percent
  • Maures, Bassari and Maures 9 percent

In addition to these ethnic groups Europeans also Lebanese are found living inside this region in smaller numbers along with Moroccans as well as Mauritanians.

Coming towards popular languages French enjoys the status of being a prominent official language that is used on regular basis and is commonly employed in the education system. Serer language is also spoken by Serers also non-Serers. Other popular languages spoken here are

  • Balanta Ganja
  • Hassaniyya
  • Jola Fonyi
  • Mandinka
  • Mandjak
  • Mankanya
  • Noon
  • Pulaar
  • Wolof
  • Soninke

It should be mentioned here that French which is the official language of this region, but is passing through problems because of the fact that a number of Senegalese movements for languages are rising and they are in support of integrating Wolof, which is given more priority by locals. However, only time can tell about the status of French in the coming period.

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