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FG/OK6RA Guadeloupe

Vaclaw, OK6RA will be active as FG/OK6RA from Guadeloupe, IOTA NA - 102, 8 - 27 November 2023.
He will operate on 40 - 6m, CW, SSB, FT8 including activity in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 25 - 26 November 2023 in Single Operator Single Band 15m, Low Power Category.
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Travel to Guadeloupe, or Where to go in search of beauty and exoticism

Do you know many countries where you could go on vacation away from civilization? Perhaps we can suggest one such place, which experienced tourists know very well, but novice travelers are squeamish to skip it because of low publicity. We are talking about the beautiful Guadeloupe.

This is a small archipelago, which includes several islands. They are scattered neatly between the warm Atlantic Ocean and the emerald clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you look at them from above, the outline of the archipelago resembles the shape of a butterfly.

Luxury beach vacations, exciting tourist trips to the foot of the Soufriere volcano, conquering the depths of the sea, discovering numerous geological finds, fascinating cultural treasures of past eras - these are just a small part of Guadeloupean treasures. An abundance of magical adventures awaits everyone who decides to descend on the island lands of this archipelago!

A few official words about Guadeloupe

Despite the fact that Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean, it territorially belongs to France, is its overseas department. The area of the archipelago barely exceeds 1.6 thousand km2. The largest islands are Bas-Ter and Grand-Ter (they just form the "wings of a butterfly"), between them there is a narrow strait Rivière-Salé, around there are several smaller islands. The total population is less than 400 thousand people, and not many people live on each island. So the locals know each other practically by sight, so they can figure out tourists in no time.

FG/OK6RA Guadeloupe DX News
Guadeloupe. Author - Jerome Dupuy.

6 iconic places to visit in Guadeloupe

Despite its relatively small territory, Guadeloupe has several places worth visiting. We suggest you learn about the most interesting attractions.

Carbet Falls

From the eastern side of the Soufriere volcano, the Grant Carbet descends onto the plateau. The waters in this river are rich in sulfur, so there are not many animals. But this disadvantage is fully compensated by the amazing steps of the streams that fly down from different heights. The highest point of the fall is at the level of 115 meters, then a little lower, at 110 meters, is the second, the cascade ends with a stream flying from a 20-meter hill. There are many waterfalls in the Lesser Antilles, but Grant-Carbet is definitely the most beautiful among them.

Soufriere Volcano

It should be said at once that this is not just the highest point of the archipelago, but an active volcano. It rises to a distance of almost 1500 meters above the ground. Everyone who comes to Guadeloupe, considers it his duty to visit this place. And such pilgrims number more than 100 thousand people every year. In fact, Soufriere is not the only volcano in this area. He is part of a whole volcanic pleiad, which includes five more volcanoes of smaller sizes. Locals are used to their "breathing", but visitors are surprised and shocked every time they see sulfuric acid emissions and bubbling hot springs at the foot of the volcano.

Mamelles Nature Park

It is located in Bas Terre and covers an area of more than two hectares. The tropical forest has become a haven for rare exotic plants, as well as sheltering many species of animals. Visitors strolling through this place can observe clumsy turtles, agile mongooses, funny raccoons, majestic iguanas, playful monkeys, graceful jaguars and some other representatives of Guadeloupean fauna.

Mangroves in Gran Terre

An amazing natural attraction, the mangrove is spread over an area of more than 5,000 hectares. It is very difficult to get here on your own, so you should use the services of a guide and hire a motorboat. Some tourist guides do not limit themselves to contemplating the beauty of exotic mangroves, offering to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. For this purpose, it is enough to arm yourself with a mask and snorkel.

Black sand beach

This amazing natural wonder is located in the Big Bay, which is on the way to the old fort. The sand on the coast is coal-colored, but it is unusually soft and silky. Such an unusual place for their training is favored by numerous surfers who go to Guadeloupe to conquer the gorgeous Caribbean waves. But they are not the only inhabitants here. Every year thousands of sea turtles come to the surface to lay their clutches of eggs in the warm black sands. Because this phenomenon is truly epic, the local prefecture has taken the area under its protection.


One of the few towns in the archipelago that has retained the majestic charm of the colonial era. Most of the buildings here were built in the XVIII century, they have been miraculously preserved and survived to this day almost intact. Closed harbor with snow-white yachts, a lot of small cozy bars and restaurants on the coast add a special magical charm to this town. By the way, yachting fans know Pointe-à-Pitre very well, as it is one of the few places where the participants of the Route du rhum individual transatlantic race dock every four years.

FG/OK6RA Guadeloupe

FG/OK6RA. Guadeloupe.

What tourists can do in Guadeloupe

Lying on the beach and basking under the friendly Guadeloupean sun is not a bad thing. However, travelers coming here are not limited to this. The archipelago offers plenty of opportunities for exciting and thrilling pastimes.

Iguana Tour to Petite Terre Island

This is probably one of the most famous places in the Caribbean where every tourist should go. Previously, a small archipelago consisting of two islands was inhabited by Arawak Indians and a small number of indigenous people. Therefore, there are many historical evidences of their stay here. But this is not even the main thing. Much more interesting are other inhabitants of the islands - iguanas. There are more than 10 thousand of them here. To protect them and other species of animals from poachers, in 1998 the islands were granted the status of a reserve.

Take a walk on top of the castles

The fortress of Point de Chateau was built in the XVII century. It was founded by members of the Capuchin religious community. The buildings are perfectly preserved, and you can study the architecture of past centuries. Especially often here you can meet couples of lovers meeting the dawn on the top of the chateaux. If you come here in spring, you can see the largest mammals on the planet - whales. At this time of year they swim to the shores at a minimum distance.

FG/OK6RA Guadeloupe Tourist attractions spotGuadeloupe. Author - Johanne Bedard.

Visit rum distilleries

There are many rum distilleries in Guadeloupe, as this drink is almost a national treasure. Each producer has its own technology of collecting raw materials and distilling. But the original traditions of the distillery craft can be found only in Mari Galante. The oldest rum distilleries, built in the XVIII and XIX centuries, are located here. The owners gladly conduct excursions for tourists, show all the processes of rum production - from sugar cane harvesting to bottling the drink. Naturally, no guest leaves without a treat, because the final part of the tour is a tasting of local products.

Take a solo tour on the Ile du Gozier

When you get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, noisy beaches, you want to go somewhere private. Guadeloupe has just the place for that - the uninhabited island of Ile du Gozier. Its width is only a few hundred meters, in length it barely reaches a kilometer. Therefore, during the day it can be walked up and down, ending your walk with a rest on the beach with fine sand and surprisingly clear water.

Visit the Jacques-Yves Cousteau Nature Reserve

The famous traveler, who visited different exotic places of the planet, was one of the first to tell the world about the amazing nature of Guadeloupe. The explorer showed all the beauties of the archipelago, after which a string of divers came here. Today the territory of the national park covers an area of over a thousand hectares. In addition to marine life, there is a statue of Cousteau on the bottom. Each diver considers it obligatory to touch its head. It is believed that this will bring good luck in diving.

Finally, there are a few important things that every tourist should keep in mind. First of all, staying in Guadeloupe, remember that there are a lot of exotic animals and insects here. In order not to suffer from their bites, you need to carefully inspect things, shake beach towels well. Local cuisine for the European stomach is more than unfamiliar, so do not experiment, especially with street food. Beverages should be bought only bottled.

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