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FS4WBS Saint Martin Island

Marco, PJ7MF will be active from Saint Martin Island with new call sign FS4WBS.
He will operate on HF bands.
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QTH locator - FK88KB.

Saint Martin Island FS4WBS QSL

A glance over the pretty Saint Martin Island

A brief introduction to Saint Martin island

St. Martin – an island set in the north east of Carribbean - is a beautiful place between the Netherlands Kingdom and France. Roughly, the island has 2 population divided by both countries. The population on the Dutch side is averagely around 40 thousands population whilst the French consists of 36 thousands of population.

Saint Martin has an area of 87 km2. The island is the only place where 2 countries set boundaries. There are big cities inside St. Martin such as Marigot and Philipsburg. It is unknown why the Dutch side has a larger population than the Netherlands’. The settlement sets in Lower Prince Quarter.

St. Martin has the highest peak at Pic Paradis. The hill is in the French side. St. Martin also has hiking trails up to the forest and slopes. There is apparently, no river – instead, you can find lots of dry guts. St. Martin is also a part of Anguilla which is a British island under the UK territory.

The relics found in Caribbean showed that St. Martin was inhabited by the Indian ciboney. This is a group of Arawak that dated back 3,500 years ago. The migrated group of Ciboney came around 800 A.D. St. Martin was called the land of Salt. The agricultural involves around farming crops and fishing with villagers work as fishermen. The hurricanes often attack the island – which is why people build storm proof roofs that’s also part of spiritual beliefs. The Caribs came and be part of the island but the Caribs killed the Arawak group and made slave the women. As the Europeans explored St. Martin, there were only a few of Arawaks until they have completely vanished replaced by the Caribs.

The Americans began to discover St. Martin in 1493. Christopher Columbus during his voyage to West Indies. It was Christopher who named the island, St. Martin – after St. Martin’s Day on November 11. Isla de San Martin becomes more popular as Christopher claimed it as a Spanish area. However, Spain actually made St. Martin a low priority place to visit.

After the slavery is abolished, there was a major decline in agricultural sector. The port was a duty free and when French took over St. Martin, the tourism industry began to bloom. It is now becoming the major income of St. Martin’s economy apart from the fhishermen’s work. St. Martin is now packed with hundreds of palm trees and the sun light glitter during the day. The beach sports are one of the most favorite thing to do. At night, resorts hold beach parties for clubbers.

Saint Martin Island FS4WBS

The climate of Saint Martin island

The Koppen climate lets the island provides you with a tropical climate. The rain falls hard on August to December and the driest is from January to April. However, St. Martin gives a steady climate throughout the year. There is a stable weather and the temperatures are mostly between 20°C (93 °F) to 40 °C

The best time to visit the island is during November until February. The tourists come around during this great weather. In March, tourists often keep an eye to weather forecast as storm can come to attack.

Saint Martin Island FS4WBS Antenna

Saint Martin tourism – Things to do

Saint Martin is a friendly island with constant sunshine and heat in the summer. The night provides breathtaking scenery whilst the days can be golden glitter at the beach. Exploring the sceneries consist of witnessing the waving coconut trees, the wild horseback riding, the mango peeling or the fresh juice right in the summer. Taking a walk on the seaside is a must.

The white sands are like the paradise powder. The turquoise water carries a great waves and coral reefs with the colourful tropical. There are hidden coves that will make a perfect rendezvous.

Fine dining

The seaside adventure will not be complete if you don’t experience the fine dining that exquisitely displays authentic cuisine from the Bangladesh and an ample of seafoods. The fishes and lobsters are plentiful and they are fresh.

Enjoy an unexpected glow of sunlight as they offer you the dance of nightlife. Enjoy the rhythm and end the perfect evening with a great mood. This is a great time for vacation and those who love the beach life.

Here are the lists of places in Saint Martin with its uniqueness:

  • Orient Bay

Enjoy a 2 hour visit in this beach. The east coast area has loads of activities from parasailing to windsurfing. You can also watch those incredible sea view by the seaside while drinking fresh coconut juice. The live music can be heard across the pub and not to mention a magnificent carpet of golden sands. It is not recommended to swim because the strong waves are sometimes outrageous.

  • Mullet Bay Beach

Another sea to explore is the Mullet Bay Beach. this place offers a crystal clear blue ocean with white sandy beach. Get tanned here or swim in the beautiful sea. Enjoy the best foods that the restaurants have to offer.

  • Loterie Farm

The farm is situated in Pic Du paradis. You can walk on foot and enjoy the fresh air inside a 150 acres forest. You can soars through this paradise of greeneries and enjoy lunch in Hidden Forest Cafe.

There has been many praises of this place. It offers a beautiful village typical view that really contrast against the sea.

Saint Martin Island FS4WBS Tourist attractions

If you enjoy a vacation in the beach, St. Martin island would be a great choice. A small area within the world’s greatest places that will effortlessly make you praise everything from its authentic cuisine to the breathtaking paradise view of the beaches.

A sophisticated gem

The sophisticated gem is a rare thing especially when you live in a modern urbanized area where all you see is the skyscrapers. This is where heaven on earth is and the place contains natural beauty often visited by many people outside the area. They want to see the island’s charm and enjoy the scenery from dusk till dawn. Hop in your boat for a great adventure ahead in St. Martin Island!

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