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SP7VC, SQ7OYL, SP3IPB, SP7TF, SP3CFM, K2RPF will be active from Grenada Island (IOTA NA-024) 6-7 February 2015 and Carriccou Island (IOTA NA-147) 7-8 February 2015 as J3/SP7VC, J3/SQ7OYL, J3/SP3IPB, J3/SP7TF, J3/SP3CFM, J3/K2RPF.
They will operate on 160- 10m CW, SSB, digital modes.
QSL via home calls.

The island of spice, Grenada

This is now of the most amazing island countries that we have and it consist of Grenada as well as six islands which are much smaller found at the southern part of the grenadines in the Caribbean sea, southeastern side. Grenada is often referred to as the island of spice because of the production of mace and nutmeg crops. Grenada is one of the largest exporters of these in the world. Grenada is 344 square kilometers and an estimated population of about 110,000. The capital is St.Georges. The Grenada dove is the national bird and it is critically endangered. The smaller islands include:

  • Frigate island
  • Saline island
  • Large island
  • Diamond island
  • Caille island
  • Ronde island
  • Petit Martinique
  • Carriacou

Major towns here include

  • St George’s, the capital
  • Gouyave
  • Grenville

The other islands that are largely populated include Hillsborough and Carriacou.

The geographical aspects of Grenada

The islands within Grenada are of volcanic origin and have very rich soils. The interior is quite mountainous with the highest point being St. Catherine Mountain. It stands at 840 m. there are several rivers which have beautifulwaterfalls and they flow into the sea. The climate here is tropical. The rainy season is hot and humid and the tradewinds cool the area over the dry season. Grenada sits at the edge of a hurricane belt and has actually suffered 3 hurricanes in a span of 50 years.



As stated, Grenada is at the hurricane belt and three hurricanes have struck. In the September of 1955, hurricane Janet passed over. The winds were are 185km/h and caused severe damage. In the September of 2004, hurricane Ivan struck and also caused great damage and up to 39 deaths. In the July of 2005, hurricane Emily caused great damage in Carriacou as we; as the northern part ofGrenada which had been affected relatively by the hurricane Ivan.

The economy and tourism within Grenada

Grenada is one of the areas which have had significant growth over the years and economic activities have also really grown. Trade and construction has really grown over the years. One of the areas where facilities have been greatly expanded is the tourism sector. Tourism is indeed a leader in foreign exchange earnings.

Grenada is a leader in the production of various spices. The spices include:

  • Nutmeg
  • Wild coffee
  • Orange/citrus peels
  • Allspice
  • Mace
  • Ginger
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon

Nutmeg provides some 20% of the supply in the world. The above are very important exports in this area. There is a nutmeg on the national flag and it represents the economic crop in the area.

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Devastation on the economy

The greatest economic force in Grenada is tourism. The water sports and convectional beach tourism is greatly focused on especially in St. George, the airport as well as the coastal strip. Ecotourism is also growing in its significance. With the construction of large ships and esplanade, the tourism sector keeps on growing. In view of all these, when a hurricane strikes, there is bound to be great loses and people get weary of visiting. Property and life loss is a fear most people bear especiallysinceGrenada is on the hurricane belt and when one strikes, the effects can be great on the economy.

The religion practiced in Grenada

Religion is an important aspect of any locality or country. It is a multi-religion region with 53 percent of the population being RomanCatholics. Anglicans stand at 14 percent. Other Protestants are at 33 percent while the spirist/Rastafarianis at 1.3 percent. Hindu’s ate at 0.7 percent, the Muslims at 0.3 percent, Buddhist at 0.2 percent and the Baha’i are also at 0.2 percent. When the small community of Rastafarians in the area is included, a greater part of the population is in Christian churches. Over half the population is actually RomanCatholics and the largest protestant church is the Anglican. Presbyterian and seventh day Adventist take the remainder.

Grenada Island J3/SP7VC J3/SQ7OYL J3/SP3IPB J3/SP7TF J3/SP3CFM J3/K2RPF Tourist attractions

Languages spoken in Grenada

The official language of the country is English. However, the main languages spoken here are the English based creole languages. These are:

  • Grenadian creole English
  • Grenadian creole French

The languages are a clear reflection of the European, African andIndian heritage that this nation enjoys. Creoles have got elements from many African languages as well as French. The Grenadian creole French is spoken more often in the smaller rural areas. Today however, the language can only be heard in very few places in the society. The language is known as Kweyol or Patois.

The culture practiced by the people of Grenada

On the culture, French influence is not too visible in Grenadaespeciallywhen we compare it to other islands in the Caribbean however; the names of places and surnames are mainly in French while the language is laced with words derived from French as well as the dialect of the locals. French influences are however more profound in the cooking styles as well as the spicy foods. Some architecture that is French as also stood the test of time. The culture is deeply influenced by Africa which is the roots of many of the Grenadians. Indian and the Caribe Amerindian influence is seen with things such as puri, Indian sweets, curries and the cassavas that are included in the cuisine

The national dish is considered to be oil down. This is a meal cooled in coconut milk till it gets absorbed thereby leaving some coconut oil at the pot bottom. The early recipes included the mixture of pigtail that is salted, chicken, salt beef, pig’s feet, floor made dumplings as well as provisions such as potatoes, yam, green banana and bread fruit.

In the annual carnival activities, reggae, calypso and soca set the mood. Rap music has become quite popular with the youth. Zouk is also a style that is gaining popularity the Caribe Amerindian and African heritage has a major role in the culture.

Cricket in Grenada

If you get the chance to visit, you will notice that cricket is one of the most popular sports here and forms a big part of the culture. The national team is a part of the Windward Islands team while engaging in the domestic cricket in the region. For minor regional matches, it acts separately.

Traditional storytelling is also a part of the culture. The folk tales have got French and African influences. It is a country full of surprises and lots to look forward to on a visit.

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