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H40TA Nendo Island

Team of radioamateurs will be active from Nendo Island (IOTA OC-100) 21 December 2013 - 10 January 2014 as H40TA.
They will be active on 80 - 10m CW, SSB.
QSL via:
Temotu Aid Office EUROPE , P.O.Box 1201, D-63488 Seligenstadt, Germany
Information from team:

After the terrible earthquake and tsunami on February 6th, 2013 a group of Radio Amateurs founded the Temotu Aid Radio Club (TARC). We are organizing aid for the local people, specially for supporting the LATA hospital.

Donations to support the local hospital are most welcome. The travel costs for the expedition will be fully financed by the operatores themselves. After spending the costs for mailing our QSL the balance of your donation goes straight 100% to the LATA hospital. Cash in USD, AUD, EUR or YEN is being accepted by letter. QSL service starts with minimum 3 US $ (or equivalent other currancy). IRC are not being accepted. No Credit Cards, no Paypal, do not donate big money, a few $ is OK.
If you are not interested to offer a donation with your QSL card you are requested NOT to do a QSO with H4ØTA in order to give others more chances for doing a QSO. Instead you can contact the H4ØTA club operators directly who are operating in parallel at the same time under their individual callsign and who offer QSL service also via buro free of charge.

That's Temotu: Nice honist natural people. The life is not much organized for tourists. There is no full food supply in the few small shops. No restaurant available. The few small simple hotels offer just a basic bed and a roof over your head. At the moment no internet (sometimes at the post office), no television. The mobile phones work only domesticly. Electricity is made by public generators and several times a day out of order. Roads are made of gravel and soil, no asphalt pavements. Flights are twice a week but cancelled very often due to bad weather or maintainance. There is no fresh meat available. Fish supply by local fishermen is not that hygenic because the fish is not being cooled in friges. Water supply comes straight out of the roof tanks which collect rain water. Sewage runs directly into the sea. Heavy storms, several earthquakes during the week, causing sometimes tsunami (happend in Feb. 2013, killing 10 people). Very hot during the day even at night. Moskitos causing Malaria and Denguee fever, rats jumping around. No bank, no foreign exchange. If you do not adopt your life during your stay you will suffer. We will fight through these challenges, just for your NEW ONE, and of coarse for our pride to do social aid for the local people !

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