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Happy Birthday LY4A

May I congratulate Roli, LY4A, a Happy Birthday! I wish him a lot of luck!

Unfortunately, Roli was removed from contesting completely. He was removed by double DQ in CQ WW DX SSB and CW 2009.

Many people blamed Roli, but that is not the question.

It’s not that the Rules are equal for everyone.

As far as I know, Roli did not get any letters from CQ WW CC. The Rules Paragraph he was DQ’ed for in SSB, does not comply with the Contest Rules, and according to these Rules, violation of this Paragraph is hardly enough for Yellow Card.

In general, many people associate Roli’s DQ with LY3BA’s emerging in the Contest Committee, and consider the issue as usual punishment.

For your guidance, LY3BA is CQ WW CC member. And, in the same time, he is a member of Diogenis Group. Usually, incorporation of one or another country representative into the Committee assumes representation of that country interests in the Committee.

In my opinion, it looks like LY3BA started with wrong side.

The proper example may be Vladimir (Willy) Umanets’, UA9BA, service for the CQ WW CC. There are no many of us who know how many Russian (and not only Russian) contesters were DQ-rescued, and whom he actually gave a chance to get wise, and made them not to be lost for contesting. Perhaps, everyone has his own way...........

73 Al 4L5A
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