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HD8MM HD8MD Galapagos Islands

Maria, HC1MM and Rick, HC1MD will be active as HD8MM and HD8MD from Galapagos Islands, IOTA SA - 004, Ecuador, 20 - 29 March 2024.
They will operate on 40 - 6m, CW, SSB, FT8, FT4.
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QSL via K8LJG or NE8Z, LOTW.


A unique natural attraction and possession of the state of Ecuador are the Galapagos Islands, which rightfully lead the ranking of natural ecotourism and strike the imagination of travelers from all over the world with their splendor. The amazing archipelago of volcanic origin located in the Pacific Ocean has become a habitat for a huge number of animals, whose populations have long been listed in the Red Book and number a minimum number of individuals.

The diversity of local species of fauna became the basis of the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin, who conducted on the islands a huge number of studies confirming the origin and development of animal life. Remoteness from civilization and the efforts of local authorities have allowed to preserve much of the pristine nature and made it an attractive object for famous scientists and simple connoisseurs of pure ecology, which is so little left on our planet.

HD8MM HD8MD Galapagos IslandsGalapagos Islands. Author - Prince Harbinger.

Turtle Islands

The archipelago is named after the ancient island dwelling water turtles - galápago, which inhabited the untouched territories in huge numbers, which today have been declared a National Natural Park. The protected natural area has also become a comfortable home for the Galapagos penguin and land iguana, blue-footed boobies and cormorants, and even the majestic and solid sea lions, which live only on these islands and enjoy their temperate climate and clean ocean waters.

In order not to disturb the peaceful existence of rare animals, the staff of the nature reserve carefully monitor the observance of the rules of silence and order and conduct familiarization tours only under personal escort in the arranged and permitted areas. The volcanic paradise lives in strict compliance with its natural regime and is carefully fenced from unauthorized intrusion of uninvited guests and poachers. Visiting the Galapagos Islands is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the ecosystem of our planet and unusual impressions, analogs that can not be found on any tourist route.

HD8MM HD8MD Galapagos Islands DX NewsGalapagos Islands. Author - Joseph Bursey.

Puerto Ayora, accommodating comfortably

The largest city and center of developed infrastructure is located on the island of Santa Cruz and every day receives dozens of tourists, who are delivered by Aerolineas Galapagos airbuses between Ecuador and the archipelago. Accommodate numerous guests hotels variety of amenities and price categories, which allow, comfortably settle travelers with any budget.

Comfortable accommodation in hotels is complemented by exotic cuisine of local restaurants with unknown name of dishes and amazing array of products. Roasted guinea pig, fried green bananas and beef hooves with South American olive and white pepper sauce will conquer gourmets who collect new recipes from distant trips and savor unseen ingredients without fear of digestive discord.

HD8MM HD8MD Galapagos Islands Tourist attractions spotGalapagos Islands. Author - Joseph Bursey.

Suitable climate

The average annual temperature in the Galapagos Islands ranges between + 25 degrees Celsius. Equatorial winds and ocean currents dictate the weather conditions of the two main seasons. From December to April the archipelago is at the mercy of the rainy season, and from July to October the dry season with no precipitation rules. The Pacific cold current flowing near the archipelago ensures the maintenance of an acceptable temperature regime, in which the adaptation of tourists from European countries passes quickly and with complete absence of discomfort of the body.

The main feature of the equatorial island location can be called increased solar activity from December to April fraught for sunbathers with severe burns. Local natives recommend all visitors to wear hats and use protective cosmetics that preserve the skin from excessive ultraviolet light.

Natural attractions

The main and unforgettable entertainment for tourists in the Galapagos, of course, is a cruise around the islets and get acquainted with the flora and fauna of this untouched territory. Coral reefs and volcano craters, many of which are more than five million years old. Rocks of frozen lava and beaches ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Beautiful Shark Bay and expanses of sand dunes where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Pink flamingos against the backdrop of Devil's Crown Crater, dolphins and even sperm whales in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. All this and much more can be seen by flying to the Galapagos Islands at any time of the year. An amazing vacation adventure or a naturalistic trip with the purpose of scientific study will be a real discovery for all lovers of exoticism and those who dream of just a quiet break from the usual and dull everyday life.

HD8MM HD8MD. Where are Galapagos Islands located. Map.

HD8MM HD8MD Galapagos Islands. Sunrise 07-22-2024 at 12:04 GMT sunset at 00:11 GMT
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