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IA5J Giglio Island

IA5J. Radio Amateurs, members of ARI Verona DX Team, I3VJW, IK3JBP, IK3SCB, IW3ICK, IZ3JKI, IU3BXI will be active from Giglio Island (IOTA EU-028) 21 - 25 April 2016 as IA5J.
They will operate on HF Bands and 6m CW, SSB, Digital modes, JT6M, JT9A, ISCAT, JTMSK, JT65A.

Giglio Island IA5J QSLGiglio Island. IA5J QSL.

Giglio Island IA5J Giglio Island. Author - Umberto Fistarol.

Giglio Island IA5J DX News Giglio Island. Author - Zac Zambo.

Where Giglio Island is located. Map.

IA5J Giglio Island. Sunrise 03-19-2019 at 05:20 GMT sunset at 17:28 GMT
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