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IY1MR Gulf of Tigullio Marconi

To commemorate 85 years from the date of the experiments carried out in the Gulf of Tigullio from G. Marconi, ARI Rapallo radio amateurs will be on the air from November 18 to December 4 2016 with special call IY1MR. IY1MR will operate from the famous Suite 105 Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita where Guglielmo Marconi stayed during the experiments performed in the Tigullio Gulf between 1931 and 1936.
A special QSLwill be sent to confirm the contact via the bureau or direct on request via P.O.Box 22 16035 Rapallo GE, Italy.
73 Alberto Maggiolo IZ1FRM.

Elettra Marconi IY1MR

Marconi IY1MR

Hotel Miramare Santa Martherita Marconi IY1MR

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  • 2016-11-21 03:47:48