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J38W Grenada

J38W Team will be active from Grenada Island, IOTA NA - 024, 4 - 16 March 2024.
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J38W Log search They will operate on 160 - 10m, CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8, FT4.
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The tropical island of Grenada

An island between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean

The island of Grenada is part of the island nation of the same name, located in the West Indies. The western coast of the island is washed by the Caribbean Sea and the eastern coast by the Atlantic Ocean. The island has an elongated shape, it is only 34 kilometres long and 18 kilometres wide. The island is home to St George's, the capital city of Grenada.

According to 2010 estimates, the population of the island is approximately 100,000. Nationally, the majority of the population is made up of black descendants of slaves and mulattoes. The white population accounts for about 2 per cent of the population. The majority of Grenadians adhere to Catholicism and Protestantism. The official language of Grenada is English, in everyday life there is a West Indian dialect of Patois.

The main income to the budget of the island comes from servicing the tourist business. Another large source is receipts from offshore accounts of foreign companies. Among the productive sectors are food and textiles, the raw materials for which are sourced from local farms growing sugar cane, bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, citrus and avocados.

J38W Magazine Beach, GrenadaMagazine Beach, Grenada. Author - Patrick Kennedy.

History of the island
When Columbus discovered the island on his third expedition to the Americas in 1498, it was inhabited by Carib Indians. Subsequently, the Spaniards established their settlements here, then they were displaced by the British and French. The Europeans gradually wiped out the local population, and black slaves were brought here to work on cotton, nutmeg and tobacco plantations. In the second half of the twentieth century, the island gained independence in the form of internal self-government within the British Commonwealth.

At some point, centre-left sentiments became popular among the island's population. This resulted in the establishment of communist parties, contacts with Cuba and the USSR, and attempts to establish popular revolutionary power. However, the intervention of the USA prevented this movement.

J38W Carriacou, Grenada DX News
Carriacou, Grenada. Author - Vlad Podvorny.

Eternal summer and rainforests

Grenada is an island of volcanic origin that has a highly indented coastline with numerous coves and coral reefs. The main part of the island is rainforest with streams, springs and small picturesque waterfalls. Animal life is mostly represented by birds. Coastal waters are rich in fish, mollusks and crustaceans.

Grenada is characterised by a subequatorial tropical climate with average monthly air temperatures of +25 +28°C. There are no variations in temperature. The island does not experience weather extremes and temperatures rarely exceed this range. The rainy season starts from June to November, and hurricanes are possible during this period. Grenada is quite humid. Rainfall varies from region to region: the coast is quite dry, while the rainforest-covered mountains receive up to 3,500 mm of rainfall per year.

J38W Grenada Island Tourist attractions spotGrenada. Author - vegasstek.

For those seeking harmony with nature

The island is characterised by comfortable coves and secluded beaches. This attracts tourists who are looking for a holiday in harmony with nature. The beaches are covered with pure white sand. Most of the beaches are a narrow strip of coastline and some of them are widened by artificial embankments of sand. The island is safely hidden behind coral reefs, which makes the coastal waters safe for swimming.

Despite the possibility of secluded holidays, Grenada has a developed tourist infrastructure. In the main resort areas of Grand Anse and Morne Rouge hotels, bars and restaurants are built. On some beaches of Grenada there are markets where you can buy fresh fruit, as well as handicrafts of local masters.

The island is rich in picturesque unusual views. Tourists will be able to see a forest with crater lakes, as well as a huge waterfall 10 metres high, which is located in a picturesque grotto and gradually passes into a mountain river. For those who are interested in local culture, it will be useful to visit the capital of St George's, which has survived to this day examples of Creole architecture of the XIX century. The local buildings are finished in red ceramic tiles, which have an interesting history. The first European colonisers brought these tiles here on ships as ballast. A walk along the quay will allow you to see the harbour, with its numerous vessels, from original wooden schooners to modern cruise liners.

J38W. Where is Grenada Island located. Map.

J38W Grenada. Sunrise 10-02-2023 at 09:54 GMT sunset at 21:57 GMT
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