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JW/EA3NT JW/OJ0Y Svalbard

JW/EA3NT and JW/OJ0Y (op. MM0NDX), will be active from Svalbard Archilepago, IOTA EU - 026, 12 - 16 June 2019.
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JW/EA3NT JW/OJ0Y SvalbardSvalbard. Author - Oystein Karlsen.

JW/EA3NT JW/OJ0Y Longyearbyen, Svalbard. DX NewsLongyearbyen, Svalbard. Author - Trine Syvertsen.

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JW/EA3NT JW/OJ0Y. Where is Svalbard located. Map.

JW/EA3NT JW/OJ0Y Svalbard. Sunrise 07-25-2024 at GMT sunset at GMT
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  • Callsign: SM0JHF
  • 2019-05-01 06:29:44
MM0NDX should read the information posted by the RSGB regarding taking advantage of the CEPT agreement. To operate under CEPT regulations, you need to have with you your UK licence validation document, a copy of the UK licensing regulations (Section 2 of your licence) and a copy of the foreign countrys licensing regulations. The British licencing authority Ofcom also gives information in this respect: 1.5 So, for example, the Recommendation may permit a UK radio amateur to use amateur radio equipment in other countries that have agreed to apply the CEPT Recommendation. If required to do so, a UK radio amateur must present his or her UK Amateur Radio (Full) Licence to demonstrate entitlement to operate under the CEPT Recommendation. In short, one can operate in another CEPT territory using a regular permit from the country of residence or nationality. Märket Reef is actually a part of Åland Islands. There are no residents on Märket Reef and residency in Åland Islands is very hard to obtain. The temporary permit OJ0Y gives no right to use Amateur Radio on Svalbard. Such activity is illegal. However, EA3NT can take advantage of his home country licence to be on the air from Svalbard, providing the local authorities do not object. Another example of incorrect operation is when someone holding a FCC licence in the USA and another one in Canada, and while in Alaska, which is US territory, identifies as KL7/VE7CALLSIGN. The FCC assigned call siign must be used in the US territory, optionally indicating the actual location. It is only a hobby, but let's follow the rules, at least to some extent.