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JX0X Jan Mayen

JX0X Team planning to be active from Jan Mayen Island, IOTA EU - 022, 15 September - 5 October 2021.
Two week operation planned.
Recent DX Spots JX0X
Team - LA7GIA, RM2D, RA9USU, R4BE.JX0X Log search
QTH - Kvalrosbukta.
They will operate on 160 - 6m, CW, SSB, Digital modes, focusing on 160, 80, 60, 40, 30m.
QSL via UA3DX, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW.
Ads for direct QSL:
Nick L. Averyanov, Cvetnoj bul, 9-130, Vlasikha, Moscow obl. 143010, RUSSIA.

JX0X Jan Mayen News 29 July 2020

Just to clarify some additional questions regarding the "full refund promise" we earlier gave, in case the expedition will not take place of COVID or some other unexpected reason:

Paypal won't refund a certain small part of their fees, which means that the return amount, in the unlucky event COVID plays a game with us, will be slightly smaller than the one you donated.

Here is a small table of the most common values of donation and what would be the consequences:

25 USD - refund 23.70 USD (-5.2%)

50 USD - refund 48.00 USD (-4%)

100 USD - refund 96.00 USD (-4%)

200 USD - refund 189.00 USD (-5.5%)

500 USD - refund (-3.4%)

Don't ask me why 200 USD has a higher "fee", but that is the information I got from JX0X Finance Director.

We did not want any unclarity on this topic, therefore please just see this as part of our Full Transparency Policy.

Thank you for supporting the JX0X expedition and having full faith in our ambition to both challenge Miss Aurora and Miss COVID

JX0X Jan Mayen News 16 July 2020

We have got direct questions from our devoted Digital DXers whether we will limit out operation to FTx (FT4 and FT8), or if we also plan to do some RTTY.
The answer is, yes, FTx and RTTY are the digital modes we will operate. Most probably focus will be on FTx but we respect those who for own records just hunt new entities or band slots with RTTY.
And the answer to the next question: What about SSTV, PSK, Hell, Pactor and others.... Sorry guys, we need to focus on the modes where JX is requested most (CW and those Digi modes mentioned above).
Plus a bit of SSB as usual depending on propagation.

JX0X Jan Mayen IslandJan Mayen Island. Author - Harold Moses.

JX0X Jan Mayen Island DX NewsJan Mayen Island. Author - Antonio Sanchez Serrano.

JX0X Jan Mayen Island Tourist attractions spotJan Mayen Island. Author - Pat Kilner.

Video Jan Mayen Island. Drone moovie. Author - Silje Wennesland.

JX0X. Where is Jan Mayen Island located. Map.

JX0X Jan Mayen. Sunrise 08-15-2020 at 03:14 GMT sunset at 22:00 GMT
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