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JX0X Jan Mayen

JX0X Team planning to be active from Jan Mayen Island, IOTA EU - 022, 15 September - 5 October 2021.
Two week operation planned.
Recent DX Spots JX0X
Team - LA7GIA, RA9USU, R4BE, LB1QI, EA3HSO.JX0X Log search
QTH - Kvalrosbukta.
They will operate on 160 - 6m, CW, SSB, Digital modes, focusing on 160, 80, 60, 40, 30m.
QSL via UA3DX, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW.
Ads for direct QSL:
Nick L. Averyanov, Cvetnoj bul, 9-130, Vlasikha, Moscow obl. 143010, RUSSIA.

JX0X Jan Mayen News 11 September 2020

We received the news yesterday that LA-DX-Group member Erik LA2US is going on a 6-month work assignment to Jan Mayen.

His trip has been unknown to us.

This puts our project in a difficult situation. While there are several differences between a 6 month single-op trip and a 2 week tent and generator DXpedition, for us this is a matter of if we are

* able to raise the remaining funds

* willing to sign an expensive vessel contract with all the added uncertainties

With this added info we are hesitant to sign the vessel contract without knowing the result of the support from the DX community.

While he will fly in/out with a Hercules, there are a lot of preparations for us before our $100,000 project can make a wet zodiac landing in rough waves, bring the gear onshore and try to keep the portable 18-22m 160/80m vertical antennas up in 25-35 m/s windgusts for 2 weeks.

We need more time to sign the vessel contract while we carefully consider what to do. In the meantime, we encourage everyone who wants to have a good low band show next fall to support us upfront, and donate to our PayPal account

JX0X Jan Mayen News 6 September 2020

We would like to announce two new operators in the JX team Erwann LB1QI and Allan EA3HSO!!
We're happy to have the two new members on board! At the same time we regret that Mats RM2D had to withdraw due to personal reasons. As we proceed we will soon expand the team to 6 operators which will then make the JX team complete. With 6 operators and 4 stations running this will give you even more QSOs!
We are also working hard on the vessel contract and are still negotiating the details. Needless to say, this contract is extremely important to us not only financially but also logistically and to outcome of the DXped.
During the last week we had our permit to stay onshore Jan Mayen extended to 14 days in the period mid september until mid-Ocotber. The final dates within that period will be determined later knowing that going that late is on the limit weather wise. No DXpedition team or boat has ever landed on Jan Mayen in the winter, and even very rarely in September. According to the authorities, no team will ever be allowed to enter the island during the winter, which means that the only opportunity to do a low band DXped trip is during the selected period.
While we are very pleased with the support from all clubs and foundations with 19.000 USD so far, we still have a long way to go. The success of this DXpedition will depend on the support we receive from the DX community. While many DXers have concerns related to Covid-19, there will be no DXpedition without support. In addition, IF the trip is cancelled due to Covid-19, we will be contractually covered by this.
The final decision to leave will depend on the level of support from the DX community.
Message from Mats, RM2D:
Welcome to the new operators!
Just to clarify Ken's message a little, and to reduce thousands of worried questions like "What happened" in my inbox...
The reason why I can not join my friends to JX is simply that since Sep 1st 2020, I was appointed to a Global position in the company I am working for.
It is simply impossible in that management role to be without internet, email, cell phone etc for three weeks in a row. September/October is also a very busy time in budgeting process. Not possible to be on a remote Arctic island with just shortwave and CW as only means of communication.
Nothing more exciting and intriguing than that, if anyone was looking for juicy gossip
I hope to go with these nice chaps on another expedition when time permits.
Good luck Allan Batievsky and Erwann!

JX0X Jan Mayen News 17 August 2020

Our JX0X expedition logo is ready thanks to Dominik Weiel.

JX0X Jan Mayen DX Pedition LogoJX0X Jan Mayen DX Pedition Logo.

JX0X Jan Mayen News 29 July 2020

Just to clarify some additional questions regarding the "full refund promise" we earlier gave, in case the expedition will not take place of COVID or some other unexpected reason:

Paypal won't refund a certain small part of their fees, which means that the return amount, in the unlucky event COVID plays a game with us, will be slightly smaller than the one you donated.

Here is a small table of the most common values of donation and what would be the consequences:

25 USD - refund 23.70 USD (-5.2%)

50 USD - refund 48.00 USD (-4%)

100 USD - refund 96.00 USD (-4%)

200 USD - refund 189.00 USD (-5.5%)

500 USD - refund (-3.4%)

Don't ask me why 200 USD has a higher "fee", but that is the information I got from JX0X Finance Director.

We did not want any unclarity on this topic, therefore please just see this as part of our Full Transparency Policy.

Thank you for supporting the JX0X expedition and having full faith in our ambition to both challenge Miss Aurora and Miss COVID

JX0X Jan Mayen News 16 July 2020

We have got direct questions from our devoted Digital DXers whether we will limit out operation to FTx (FT4 and FT8), or if we also plan to do some RTTY.
The answer is, yes, FTx and RTTY are the digital modes we will operate. Most probably focus will be on FTx but we respect those who for own records just hunt new entities or band slots with RTTY.
And the answer to the next question: What about SSTV, PSK, Hell, Pactor and others.... Sorry guys, we need to focus on the modes where JX is requested most (CW and those Digi modes mentioned above).
Plus a bit of SSB as usual depending on propagation.

JX0X Jan Mayen IslandJan Mayen Island. Author - Harold Moses.

JX0X Jan Mayen Island DX NewsJan Mayen Island. Author - Antonio Sanchez Serrano.

JX0X Jan Mayen Island Tourist attractions spotJan Mayen Island. Author - Pat Kilner.

Video Jan Mayen Island. Drone moovie. Author - Silje Wennesland.

JX0X. Where is Jan Mayen Island located. Map.

JX0X Jan Mayen. Sunrise 09-25-2020 at 06:24 GMT sunset at 18:24 GMT
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