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I received a phone call today from the powers to be (a branch of US government)in regards to a possible activation of KP1--Navassa.
I had spoke to them last year, and the year before,, and was told a flat NO, due to some huge problems in the Carribean Islands. Now, they are asking for what we require to put KP1 on the air.
How long, how many people, and how we will get on the island. They are also offering this to several other groups.
So,, there is a great chance KP1 can be on in early 2015, or soon afterwards if they indeed award a visit to Navassa.
I had said a year ago that P5 would make it before KP1,, well, I may have to eat those words.. cross your fingers,. and pray it will happen !!
73, Dan N4GNR

Video Navassa
1978 Navassa Island DX-pedition. Composed of 10 Amateur Radio Operators: 5 from Missouri, 3 from New Jersey, 1 from Georgia and 1 from California. They were: N0TG, W0RJU, W0ZH, AD0PP, N0WL, K2KA, W2PAU, W2ORA, WA4SSU and W6OIG.

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