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J79X Dominica Island

Kazik, SP6AXW will be active from Dominica Island (IOTA NA-101) 18 - 26 October 2014 as J79X.
He will be active also in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 25 - 26 October 2014 in SOSB Category.
He will be active with Janusz SP9FIH/J79L.
Message from Janusz and Kazik:

We still believe that it is more important to give a new country to "small pistol" than to give an 9th band QSO to a "big gun" station. By doing this, we hope to fulfill the demand for a "new one", especially from stations located in Japan and the rest of the Far East.

Janusz SP9FIH & Kazik SP6AXW


Dominica also known as ‘The Commonwealth of Dominica’ was discovered by Christopher Columbus on 3rd November 1843, and was named after the day he discovered the Island, a Sunday (known as dominica in Latin.)The island has mostly remained uninhabited and has a small population of 71293. Situated in the Lesser Anilles region of the Caribbean Sea, northeast of Martinque and south, south-east of Goudaloupe with a size of only 750 square kilometres, the country of Dominica is still being formed by volcanic activity and is also known as the ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’. The island can boast of large mountainous rainforests and have a vibrant variety of flora and fauna. With over 365 rivers the country is largely covered by rainforests and in numerous springs, waterfalls and rivers.

Dominica is largely covered by forests and calls the world’s second largest hot spring, Boiling Lake as its own. The Island is also covered by sandy beaches on the northeast side and has many protected areas to preserve the rainforests and plants and animals. The country is home to many endangered species especially the Sisserou parrot and whales. Sperm whales can be seen in the waters surrounding this beautiful island all the year round. But Dominica is located in a hurricane region and has been hit directly by hurricanes such as David and Dean resulting in the loss of lives and homes.

In case one decides to visit the beautiful island of Dominica, one needs to remember that this is a hurricane prone area, so they must be cautious as to the weather and the rainfall. The best time to visit this island is during the spring or summer months when the plants are in full bloom and the animals have some reason to be happy.

Dominica J79X

Dominica’s Top Attractions

Boiling Lake

Situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the Boiling Lake is approximately 200 feet to 250 feet across and is surrounded by high rock walls on all sides that create the basin like effect. Although there is no direct road leading to the lake, one can hike for about 13 kilometres from the nearest road to reach the lake. The water in the lake is provided by rainfall and two streams that drain into the lake and the water is heated by the lava that it seeps down to. The temperature of the water ranges from 180-197’F around the edges while it is impossible to measure the temperature in the centre.

Morne Diablotins

The highest mountain of the Dominica, it is located in the northern interior of the island within Morne Diablotin National Park. The mountain was previously volcanic and had erupted nearly 30,000 years ago. The mountain is the source of the Toulman River. Situated at the height of 1447m from sea level, this volcano has been dormant for many years and there is no historical evidence of the volcano erupting.

Cabrits National Park

Established in January 2000, the park has over 8242 acres and is home to a large variety of fauna and flora. Visitors are allowed into the park but with permits to view these rare and almost extinct animals in their natural habitats. The Park protects a large number of coral reefs, wetlands and tropical forests. There are many hiking trails that help one to move around the whole park and a fort built by the British called Fort Shirley which can be visited by tourists. The famous Sisserou Parrot can also be seen in this park and is also considered as the national bird of the country.

Titou Gorge

The Titou Gorge is a Creole expression meaning ‘small throat hole’ and this Gorge fits the bill. The Gorge can be reached by a drive through the Botanical Gardens, up to the Roseau Valley and then up to the location of the island’s tallest waterfall. Through this route one can hike for about 30 minutes to reach the tallest waterfall. One can also relax in the hot mineral water located below the gorge.

The Domicia Museum

The beautiful museum of Dominica is located on the quay in Roseau, Dominica. It was originally an Old market building and a post office that dates back to 1810. The Museum pays homage to the rich and vibrant history of the country. Items found in the museum are od photographs, portraits of past rulers, specimens of birds and fishes, and indigeneous cultural articles including a Carib hut and pottery and tools. The museum also has displays related to Volcanology in relation to the island and also displays in relation to old musical instruments, wooden figurines and domestic implements used by settlers.

Deep Sea Diving

The best place to visit in Dominica cannot be found anywhere on the island, rather it can be found under water. Deep sea diving is the best way to explore the beauty of the island. Underwater you can see the vibrant colours of crinoids, anemones, shrimps of every kind, walls covered in black coral and seahorses as well. You can see large caves full of lobsters, schools of baitfish, big barracudas and a wide variety of soldierfish. There are a large number of dive sites from where one can discover the wonder world under the Sea.

Whale Watching

The island of Dominica has also earned itself another title- the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean. The unique underwater terrain and the structure of the island itself makes the wonderful island of Dominica an excellent environment to watch whales socialize, calve and mate. Other residents of the water such as dolphins, pygmy, false killer are also found in abundance in these swirling waters. There are a large number of whale watching operators on the island who will help one get an experience of a lifetime.

Dominica J79X DX News

The beautiful island of Dominica, though not extensively inhabited, has so much to offer tourists in that one location. It is one of the few country’s of the world that can boast of the fact that it has everything for thrill seekers- volcanoes, gorges, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, lush rainforests and wonderful underwater worlds for all tourists that come to this wonderful Island searching for adventure.

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