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5H1MD Zanzibar Island

Andrea, IZ1MHY will be active from Zanzibar Island (IOTA AF-032) 28 September - 14 October 2014 as 5H1MD.
He will be active on HF bands CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31, JT65.
Recent DX Spots 5H1MD
QSL via home call.
Andrea will use FT-857 HF transceiver with vertical and dipole antennas and Delta Loop for 6m band.

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar is also popular as the Spice Island, and is a paradise in the tropical region. One of the favorite tourist destinations with crystal clear water, blue sky, and palm-studded beach, this place is located just 40km away from the mainland of Tanzania. This is one of the most popular tropical islands around the world, which has a history that is long, as well as, crowded.

Location of the Island

The atmosphere here is quite romantic and is the perfect place for newlywed couples. This exotic island is a part of the coralline reef, which stretches from the Mafia Island, located at the south of Dar es Salaam through to as far as the Indian Ocean. The white, sandy beaches of this island are results of the area being a part of the coral reef. This island is about 85kms long and 40kms wide, and is situated at an altitude of about 390 feet above the sea level.


The cast in the vibrant history of this island mostly comprises of traders and travelers, colonizers, and raiders. Assyrians, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Portuguese, British, Dutch, and many other visitors from around the world have visited the shores of this island to make a trade. Each of them came, and left some heritage of their stay, which made the history of the island even more colorful and more interesting than before.

Zanzibar Island 5H1MD Slave Market Memorial in Stone Town on Zanzibar Island
Slave Market Memorial in Stone Town on Zanzibar Island

The Inhabitants and Their Language

The Bantu tribes, who originally belonged to the mainland of Tanzania, were the first inhabitants of the island. However, the trade winds that blew over the Indian Ocean had brought the Persians, as well as, Arabs to the shores of Zanzibar as early as 700 AD. Their marriage with the local people gave birth to a whole new race, which is familiar by the name Waswahili. They had their new language, Kiswahili. This language is spoken even in the recent days not only in Zanzibar, but also along the entire coastline of the East Africa.

Zanzibar Island 5H1MD DX News Sunrise with clouds Zanzibar
Sunrise with clouds Zanzibar Island

Tourist Charms

People, who visit this island, have reportedly experienced the colorful history of the island. The local people, the way they live, as well as, the architecture, all of them bear the signs of the vibrant history, and are truly exotic. Tourists will be charmed to walk through the narrow lanes, with leaning buildings on both sides of it. The Stone Town, often considered to be the heart of culture in Zanzibar, might not be romantic by name. However, the place is as romantic as it can get, and is one of the best places for couples on honeymoon.

Zanzibar Island 5H1MD Beach Tourist Attractions
Beach Zanzibar Island

Romance on the Beach

More than 25 dazzling beaches made of white sand are ready to welcome the tourists from around the world. The hotels are known to offer best-in-class services to the visitors, who can also enjoy several beach and water activities. Apart from the romantic charm, this place is also considered to be a paradise for the shoppers. Brass, silver, and copper carvings are some of the common souvenirs.

Therefore, hurry up and book your tickets to Zanzibar Island to enjoy its charm amidst the rich aroma of the spices.

5H1MD. Where is Zanzibar Island located. Map.

5H1MD Zanzibar Island. Sunrise 04-15-2024 at 03:22 GMT sunset at 15:22 GMT
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