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LU1DZ Support Blackmail of HK Group on CQ WW CC

Alberto LU1DZ publish that letter on

Hello friends:

The truth is I'm not sure if the title of this message should be: What is happening to us contesters.

Here goes a story that I dare call a "tragicomedy."

A group of 20 dedicated Colombian amateurs have presented a formal protest concerning the illegal opeeration of a Russian station in Bogota. The protest has also been filed with the Colombian Ministry of Communications in the form of a complaint.

Our member and friend Juan Camilo Rodríguez, HK3CQ, has personally expressed to us his worry concerning these types of operations, which have been taking place lately in his country.

Dimirti Kryukov, RA3CO, operated as HK3RA in the 2008 CQ WW SSB contest, an activity that was labeled by many as a "pirate".

The HK3RA license belongs to Wolfgang Torres, someone who cannot authorize the use of his callsign and was not aware of the circumstances, since he only operates VHF phone.

In addition, the operation is not permitted by Colombian law as cited in Chapter VII, Article 76, Section 9 of the rules that regulate amateur radio activities in that country, that states "The use of one's callsign by any other person is prohibited".

The complaint/protest also makes clear that Kryukov did not follow the rules of the country in 2007, on which occasion he operated HK1AR and took second place in the world for the Single Op Low Power category of CQWW CW.

Also included in the matter is the owner of HK1AR, Tony Rogozinski W4OI, who permitted Kryukov to use his station in the 2007 CQWW CW contest, who being responsible for following the rules of his country, did not put a stop to the operations, and in truth seems to rent his station frequently for use during contests.

But the matter, which has been widely debated, doesn't stop there since Girts Budis YL2KL also operated Rogozinski's station in the 2006 CQ WPX RTTY and the ARRL CW DX contests, also without having any legal authorization to do so.

After speaking with Juan, HK3CQ, and noting the names and contests involved, I think that our HK friends have followed the correct course of action and those involved should be much more careful and tactful, by putting respect for the rules and laws first.

With respect to the organizations that organize contests, it's obvious that they are faced with a complicated situation to adequately handle these type of actions since an inspection is not feasible, however, with the presentation of a formal complaint they should act and not try to stop the investigations through administrative tricks as if they are looking the other way or as if it weren't their responsibility to publicly disqualify those who break the rules in such manners.

In this case in particular, the organizing committee of the CQ WW has resolved to seek from the complainants a legal response from the Ministry, something that is more than ridiculous and that covers them with a cloak of suspicion, when in reality the subject could be resolved by simply asking the denounced persons to save their honor and good name by showing their authorization to operate and thereby putting an end to the subject.

These actions should be taken by the contest organizers as a wake up call, because if they do not take a clear action in this case, the contests will be abandoned by those who follow the rules and laws and feel spurned and pushed aside by increasingly documented irregularities.

One version of the facts in English has been published by Jamie Dupree, NS3T, on the WRTC web site:

Spanish copy of this topic is available at GACW web site - "Los Mensajes de Uranito" Yahoo distribution list and SPAR spanish forum .

Best regards Alberto U. Silva LU1DZ WWSA Contest Manager

Im really sorry that Alberto is involve his self in that blackmail opened by HK3CQ
I send email to Alberto but I think we dont get understanding to each other and with that reason I decide to write it here

Here is my last email I send to Alberto and dont receive any answer on it

Dear Alberto,

Thank you very much for your mail and information

Yes I agree with you about things that contesting need to go right way but on the same time local amateur societies and PTT need to control things going in the country
Im very sure if YL2KL will know that he cant use HK1AR call sign he will not go to HK and will not pay money to rent the station
All operation was from Colombian station and its funny that Colombians is only complain about the visitors and not complain about their local license holder its make things quite unclear
When ever situation is unclear and like I show you in my previouse email our friend HK3CQ also trying before to rent his qth I think its better to first organize their self and then ask foreigners to do the same
I think in this situation asking to DQ RA3CO is crazy really and I think its not ham radio spirit also doing that
I think max request our HK friends can make is to remoove RA3CO from results and thats it
Specially Dmitriy is dont do anything against HK3CQ or others and he is explain why that problem is appear

Alberto I think most important is to fix the problem and not to kill ( and DQ in this situation is same like kill) people who is have less responsibility to what is happen
HK3CQ is know very well that HK1AR is renting his station and he have nothing against that for many years!!!!!
If he know its illegal for so many years why he is quired for such long time? Why he not announce in internet information that if somebody want to operate from HK there is a rules which he need to follow
What happen now of joint activity of HK3CQ and HK1AR?
Again I respect what they are saying but I think they are need first to start organize their self and then start
writing letters to the CC asking to DQ foreign operators
73 Al 4L5A

I think name of your article will be more correct if you will call your article radioamateur societies need to be better organized to avoid our friends from
another countries to get in the trouble
You mention to me in private letter several LU calls operating in the contests with
out of license You ask CQ WW CC to DQ them? If not then why you supporting now
that blackmail from HK3CQ?
I dont understand did HK3CQ dont have access to Internet?
How he can comment that?
HK, COLOMBIA (Another Op Needed!)
Tony, W4OI (ex-N7BG), reports that he has plans to do a Multi/2 operation this November from HK3CQ's Idyllic QTH in the mountains of Colombia, about an hour from Bogota. He is looking for another operator. They plan to only have 3 operators, Juan/HK3CQ, Tony/W4OI and one other which will allow for plenty of operating time. Anyone who is interested must be willing to bring a transceiver and/or amplifier and be willing to assist in putting up some wire antennas for 80/160m during the week before the contest. Tony states that they will commute to the station and stay in his apartment in Bogota, so living costs will be minimal. If interested, contact Tony via E-mail at: trogo (at) cfl(dot)rr(dot)com
He didnt know anything about that?
Im sure he know Why he didnt mention the Colombian rules then?
When I read HK3CQ profile on then I start guessing why:
PLEASE NO BUREAU. ONLY DIRECT QSL VIA QRZ.COM Since january 2003 postal service in Colombia increased 100%. Most of the QSL's for my Jet Box adress in Miami will be returned from Colombia: Please no USA or Colombian stamps. Due to exchange rate the mailing cost it's about US$3.
Whats going to be happen if RA3CO and YL2KL will call Interpol to clear that issue with HK3CQ and HK1AR?
They are pay money and now HK3CQ asking to DQ them and HK3CQ his self is also
offer operation from his location and Im sure not free
When HK3CQ talking about Colombian law did law is allowing him to ask 3 USD for
And to bring that money to country illegally
Its better to be carefull Juan when you playing such dirty games

I think its better in this situation HK3CQ stay quired because his private interest is
showed in this subject very openly
I think again that will be better if everybody will show ham spirit in this situation and
then really Juan HK3CQ will protect his self first of all otherwise who knows what going to be happen if other party will also complain officially according Colombian law

Dear Alberto please stay away of that dirty game and dont support that blackmail

Lets work all together to support our hobby and support contesting and explain to the people what they are need to do according to local rules

Juan HK3CQ that words is specially to you "Make more friends and not enemies"

73 Al 4L5A

Its interesting did Colombian law is allowing that?
Call: 5K5Z
Operator(s): W4OI
Station: HK3CQ

Class: SOSB/20 LP
QTH: Colombia
Operating Time (hrs): 26

Band QSOs Zones Countries
20: 1585 36 118
Total: 1585 36 118 Total Score = 750,000
Its CQ WW CW 2004

According to QRZ.COM 5K5Z is belong to:

Gary McClellan,3422 E Altadena Ave,Phoenix, USA

That clearly show how HK3CQ is following own country rules Propably he need to send complain about his self also to CQ WW CC and to Ministry of Communication of Colombia

LU1DZ Support Blackmail of HK Group on CQ WW CC comments forum

Your comments are important to us!

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  • Callsign: 4L5A
  • 2009-01-15 23:14:43
Hi Rob I like to thank you very much that you answering and thats great I think if someone talking with you openly its great and thats what expect from you Its very clear that in situation you put responsibility from your local hams to foreigners thats my clear opinion and so far I dont get any comments from you on the point why you not complain to the people who allow that operation from their station and blaming foreigners who is trust local HK hams and thats it I think you have enough materials now to know the trueth With that letter "What call do you want to use? You can use my call without a problem or your call HK/ or if you want to try to get a special call I would suggest you contact HK3CW - he has assisted others in this manner. I don't get involved in doing that. Without a permanent residency you cannot get a permanent call - only a special call for a contest. 73 Tony W4OI" who you think is responsible RA3CO? Do you think we dont have to trust anyone in HK? People is dont know local situation in the country and whats happen in the past,including operation of 5K5Z from HK3CQ station with out of any complain openly from your side and HK3CQ also is make things even less clear for foreigners Anyway Im looking for your answer and instead of Ministry of Communication ads I will propably prefer to have your personnal email ads and propably phone nr I will be happy to speak with you to find out if in reality that YL2KL and RA3CO is responsible for not knowing HK law and local hams not About my time my working day is very long you know and I can allways find time for my amateur radio friends anyway 73 Al 4L5A
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Juan Camilo Rodríguez
  • Callsign: HK3CQ
  • 2009-01-15 18:26:03
It is regrettable the manner reality has been distorted with the operation of RA3CO, Dimitri Kriukov and YL2KL, Girts Budis in Colombia during the CQWW DX past contests. This is all really very amusing to read the comments of people who venture to speculate, providing false accusations against me without even knowing the truth of the facts, coming to false conclusions, concluding about facts they don’t know and even adjusting the Colombian law to advocate for illegal operations. For this I do have to clarify the following: - The complaint submitted to the Ministry of Communications of Colombia was not only signed by me, HK3CQ, but also by 20 other recognized and noted dxers and contesters in Colombia. We are not unknown or anonymous; we are active hams and knowledgable of Colombian ham regulations and international contests. Among others, our complaint was signed/endorsed by HK3W, HK3CW, HK6DOS, HK1X, HK6P, HK3O, HK3TU, HJ3LAO, HJ3MQ, HK3GXI, HK3PSA, HK3GAL, HK3LGO, HK3Q, HK4KDO, HK1KXA, HK3JCA, HJ3LAO and HJ3MQ besides HK7AJE as the President of the Federation of Ham Clubs in Colombia, FRACOL (for its Spanish acronym), the national association which groups the largest number of hams in the country. Some of those who endorsed the complaint are not even members of FRACOL, I mention this as it has been said that the signatures had been wrongfully acquired, when on the contrary it was a spontaneous, conscientious and independent action. From the date the complaint was filed to the Ministry, many other Colombian hams have expressed their support and today, without a doubt, many others would additionally endorse the complaint. - 4L5A and LU5DX have tried to diminish the accusations against RA3CO and YL2KL throwing dirt at HK3CQ with false and ridiculous accusations. Remember that not only HK3CQ has complained, in defense of the dignity and honesty of ham radio in Colombia but a number of other Colombian hams have endorsed this action, as many other hams from different parts of the world. Now 4L5A and LU5DX would have to fabricate more lies against all the signees and the facts would still be the same, RA3CO and YL2KL violated Colombian ham regulations and the rules of the CQWW DX operating without a license and operating using a lent call, expressly prohibited by our ham legislation, where guest operators are also prohibited. Section 9 of Article 76 of Decree 2058 of 1995, of the Colombian Ham regulations; specify that the holder of a ham license in Colombia “cannot allow the use of their call sign to any other person”. Article 16 of the same Decree reads: “To be able to operate as a ham radio operator, a license must be obtained from the Ministry of Communications, previously having approved the requirements indicated in this Decree”. Therefore, the accused did not file for a license, they simply and abusively took the call signs of other hams; RA3CO did it twice, in 2007 and 2008, knowingly. Maybe HK1RA did lend his call (he has also been included in our complaint) but HK3RA, Wolfgang Torres, never lent his call and was never even requested to do so. - Evidently I HK3CQ, sent the information to K3EST advising about the abnormality and requesting DQ. It was the least I could do, being the CQ checkpoint for Colombia, besides all who signed the letter knew about this. Therefore the actions have not been solely on my part, nor have they been secret, everything has been public, transparent and in writing for everybody to see. - The aforementioned means that I never violated the good faith principle. On the contrary, who violated the code were the unfortunate hams that took a risk, operating illegally knowingly, but looked the other way, thinking they wouldn’t get caught, deceiving the ham community worldwide. The CQWW contest committee was also deceived as logs were sent, knowing they had acted illegally. - It would be very interesting that LU5DX unveiled the names of the Colombian hams that according to him did not endorse our complaints. This is not a poll or a probe for opinions, where the majority wins. This is about the truth and the law, all so simple. It would be amusing to know the calls of the HK’s that LU5DX says he contacted and they, if they exist, have no legal bearing and even less ham ethics or plain ethics for that matter. These hams should then promote changes in our legislation to change into legal what today is illegal, promoting self assignment of call signs, no licensing and radio anarchy. Sounds great doesn’t it? - Also it was said that why did we not act before. If it weren’t for the operation of RA3CO it would all be still unknown, but due to his overwhelming hunger for another win, he decided to cross the line again (2008) and shoot for the stars the second time, if he wasn’t caught the first time why would he the second? We discovered the illegal operation of 2007 by looking at the results of the CQWW of 2007, where it clearly specifies that he operated as HK1AR. From this some local hams became suspicious and knowing that behind all this was HK1AR (W4OI) further research was performed finding the rest of the irregularities we listed in our complaint to the Ministry of Com. We are not professional PI’s to investigate the legality of every HK call on the airwaves but this came about because we heard the call HK3RA being used before and during the contest from somebody on CW, knowing that the legal owner of the call, Wolfgang Torres, is not a contester and does not know the code. We asked him directly and found the string that led us to the whole story behind that call and others in years prior. Simple story! - The tale that HK3CQ created the story so he could rent his station is despicable! I have never rented my place and never will. Fortunately I live from my work as an economist, and PhD in history; I work in one of the most prestigious universities of my country, and an advisor and consultant and have the honor of being the VP of the Colombian Academy of History, without deepening further into my résumé. Therefore, I do not need to rent my ham shack. This lie was likely made-up by Anthony Rogozinsky HK1AR (W4OR) to discredit me, misinform and conceal his illegal operations. The facts are simple: A few years back when Mr. Rogozinsky came to Colombia, when I and others did not know of his antics, I lent (not rent) my ham station in my farm. From there he operated as 5K5Z, I traveled with HK3CW to check on him and ask him why he was operating as 5K5 when he should have operated as 5K3. He said it had been a mistake from the Ministry of Communications. At least on that occasion he did file for a legal license. The “mistake” … I never believed in, the ministry is very cautious with the paperwork and mistakes are corrected before any operation. Once Alberto Silva, LU1DZ, asked me for a QTH to rent to operate from Colombia and I provided Mr. Rogozinsky’s place in Cartagena, sending him the link. I never said I rented a place, I just told him of that place, the only one I knew of at the time. Later and slowly I and other Colombian hams began to understand the type of person Mr. Rogozinsky really was and began to distance ourselves from him. We also later knew of his EBay scams (he has had more than 34 eBay names and has been kicked off 33 times!). Now he resurfaces with false accusations to stand up for his illegal actions. - If any ham decided to travel to Russia, Georgia or Argentina for a CQWW contest and use RA3CO, 4L5A or LU5DX or any other invented call, without any regard to local ham regulations, what would be the reaction of the impersonated hams? Would they disqualify them? Well this is the case, here and it is totally incomprehensible for us that some out there are pretending to justify these illegal operations, absolutely incredible! - It is absurd to think that because the CQWW contest committee has not DQ’d anybody we are promoting a boycott against them, we are not as dumb as you think we are. This issue has other connotations and we trust that the contest committee will value our complaints and take the appropriate decisions. We will continue to participate and enjoy contests from Colombia, but we will not turn our heads to illegal operations, this is our land and it deserves respect. - CQ has requested a formal response from the Ministry of Communications of Colombia. If this has not been submitted yet, it is because they have not taken any actions yet, it is not because they have denied our complaints, this issue is taken very seriously in Colombia and the Ministry does not act without taking the appropriate and legal actions against ham operators without making it’s own investigations. For you who still after all our research and evidence still do not believe our findings, just ask RA3CO and YL2KL for their legal operating license in Colombia, anybody who has operated legally from Colombia in the past will surely provide their license. We requested this to the CQWW contest committee more than a month ago. Will we ever see a legal license from Colombia from any of these two “hams”? I believe not!
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  • Callsign: UA9BA
  • 2009-01-10 22:51:09
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  • Callsign: LU5DX
  • 2009-01-09 03:44:16
Hi again Al, LU1DZ: I believe not all the books in the universe can compensate for the lack of goodwill. (And I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about HK3CQ) I studied law in the 90's and there are several principles being broken in the way this subject is being treated. First and most important the principle of "inocence". This situation is not yet clear. Second of all the principle of "bona fide" Are this HK guys "by passing" this two principles? Do they believe these two contesters are already guilty? and, Do they believe the deliberately proceeded in order to avoid the HK law? Is their mind so freaking small that these HK guys can't think first that there may be a misunderstanding, or whatever you want to call it??? Do they have to ask for DQing stations instead of thinking of better ways to clarify contest rules, or whatever you can think to avoid this situations in the future??? If books lead to this creepy way of thinking I promise I'll stay way away from the library from now on. My friends without "", because I consider them real friends, and I met them both in person, proceeded based on what they knew from their hosts, and based also in the information they were provided. For your better understanding of my point I can't say anything because you won't ever understand my point. I'm not the leader of anything. I just co-founded a group of contesters back in 2000. That's it. We have no rules, no officers, just members who are willing to get on the air and join major contests and have fun without breaking any rules. That's it. To me Al, this has nothing to do with that. Neither it has to do with books, nor with being literate about laws. This has to do with common sense, goodwill, and some other values, that are well above written books or laws. With regards. Martin, LU5DX
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  • Callsign: LU5DX
  • 2009-01-08 11:45:24
Al LU1DZ: First of all I hope you understand all this has nothing to do with the appreciation I feel for you. You know I deeply respect your contest career teaming up with Jorge LU8DQ in the 60's. I always tried to support as much as I could contests or other activities organized by you. Second of all, in my case I feel I have no right to teach nothing to anybody and I hope I haven't crossed any dangerous line! I just feel very sad for what's going on. I believe Dimitri and Girts deserve respect for the background as contesters and specially for their qualities as persons and friends. I agree with you that contest organizers must take all possible care to assure fair play within all possible rules and regulations of our activity as amateur radio operators. You know, contesting is always evolving and changes in contest rules may take years. Just as an example, whenever I had the opportunity I let cq ww contest committee members know that contest log should be made public after the log checking process. I started asking for that in 1996 and it only happened after 10 years in 2006. In this case, if a more serious process must be established to assure all licensing requirements have been satisfied for a contest operation, I just believe there is no need to name names, specially for a situation that is not yet clear and involves well known contesters. I always believe the "bona fide" principle should prevail. And in this case I'm totally sure RA3CO and YL2KL proceeded that way (with bona fide). But please let me disagree with you in the way this problem is being treated. And please understand this is not personal. Remember? In the meeting where you gave me the plaque for WWSA I still told you I didn't understand nor I supported your actions against LR4A in the IARU 2007. I hope we can disagree and still have respect for each other and a good relationship as we always did. Best regards. Martin, LU5DX