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We, JH3PRR, W6SZN, ZL1GO and ZL3CW, are undertaking a DXpedition to American Samoa (KH8) under the Special Events Station Callsign N8A especially for the CQWW CW contest but with extended precontest activity intended to make KH8 widely available. Our plan is to be on American Samoa for two weeks beginning November 12, 2013.

We will concentrate our efforts:

* On HF 10-160m

* Significant effort on 160 meters

* Focus on EU for the high bands

* CW will be the primary mode but SSB and RTTY available

* Location will be well south of Pago Pago to limit mountain low angle blockage

Statistics from the Most Wanted Entities List show the following ranks: World no criteria: 59

EU no criteria: 36

EU CW 80: 13

EU CW 17: 43

World SSB: 73

EU SSB: 40

EU CW 40: 18

EU CW 15: 14

World CW: 40

EU CW: 26

EU CW 30: 21

EU CW 12: 14

World 160 cw: 22

EU CW 160: 17

EU CW 20: 31

EU CW 10: 29

This will be, in principle, a self-funded DXpedition. We are paying our own transportation, we will use our own radio and amplifiers and we are negotiating a “discount” on the purchase of Spiderbeam & StepIR antennas. However, the cost of Air Transportation will be quite expensive. Any donation will be welcomed and will be used to offset our costs.

We have set up a website and club and individual donations can be done through our PayPal account.

Thank you very much, and we look forwarding to getting your calls in the log.

Jacky Calvo, ZL3CW

On behalf of the N8A Team

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Tom Moore
  • Callsign: K5BM
  • 2013-05-16 15:12:42