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I was seriously contemplating not dipping my paddle into this pond of abject silliness, but these words from K1TTT: "knowing when and how to use currenttechnology always makes you a BETTER operator............." finally shoved me out of the boat.

Self-serving statements like the above abound. That's the great thing about
being a democracy and freedom of speech. Some possess unlimited ability to
trivialize amateur radio operator skills in general, and contesting,
specifically. Because you can hook up a computer, does that somehow
demonstrate some skill in communicating? or ability to copy CW? or a learned
understanding of propagation? or which mult you can move where/when? For
me, no. For K1TTT and his Skilled Technology Operators, undoubtedly, yes.

After several hundred thousands of QSO's as ZD8Z since 1968, during my two
most recent trips to Ascension in December and in March, I didn't even
bother to get on the air. Like G3SXW opined, for me now to get on and soon
be spotted by the legion of packeteers, all calling on the same frequency,
many having no clue as to my callsign, IS NOT FUN. I sincerely hope that
none of K1TTT's Skilled Technology Operators needed Ascension for a new
country. I left Ascension the Friday of the CQ WPX SSB, whereas in the
past, I would've enthusiastically stayed on the island to participate. Same
thing for the upcoming WPX CW. I will be on Ascension about then, but no
desire to even hook up the station. After decades of CQ WW SSB from DX
somewhere, I haven't been out the past two Octobers. I have no plans or
interests to go anywhere this October, either. Only 50/50 I'll do CQ WW CW
this November.

Unfortunately, K1TTT's school of Skilled Technology Operators has also
brought-out the bottom feeders, some of whom have mastered the skill of
using these technologies to cheat. Many don't believe this happens. Most
couldn't care less.

I know, and I care, and it ain't FUN.

At the end of the day, everyone has the right to decide what works for them,
or not. My friend 4L5A/D4B decided five years ago it was no longer fun for
him. I'm finally understanding why Alik quit. I think I'm there.

As far as I'm concerned, you all can debate RBN, robots, remote, skimmers,
packet, super- technology, until the cow's come home............. to
justify the whatever works for you. Absolutely your prerogative.

But, if it doesn't look like a duck, quack like a duck, or walk like a duck,
it probably ain't a duck. And the above ain't radio contesting.

Jim Neiger N6TJ

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Karl Miller
  • Callsign: Wx7Dx
  • 2010-10-24 09:24:14
I to believe in a limit on tech. equip. Yes i say learn how to do all the above. But also how to KISS Keep it simple silly However have used a voice keyer in the past and that is teck equip. I like doing contesting like the salmon run in washington state and some others but usually i only make a handfull of contacts compared to the money shacks but i do have fun or i would not do it. See you on the radio God Bless America
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  • Callsign: W4QO
  • 2010-06-10 11:01:20
I had not ever thought about the problems you bring up. I can see how having hundreds of folks call you when they don't even hear you would make for a disaster. I don't use the skimmers/spots because I don't want to be in the assisted category. I do QRP so I wish I could use some assistance because I'm about 98% Search and Pounce. I do enjoy the skimmer services for DXing however and I hope there can be some way to accomodate all. It has brought fun to ham radio again for me but I do see your side of the argument.
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Zrinko Zibert
  • Callsign: VE3ZIK
  • 2010-04-24 14:32:04
Great! Why should be use skimmer etc etc.?