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Observers and CQ WW DX CW 2009

Despite the fact that the observer program only started with CQ WW DX CW 2009, the contest results promise to be very interesting.

The talk in the corridors has been loud for 2 weeks since the CQ WW DX CW finished.

Many of us are still wondering what exactly the CQ WW has gained with the observer prorgam. Just after the observer program was announced, Jose CT1BOH published his appeal to the last year CQ WW leaders to join the program and confirm the last year results with the observers standing behind them.

CQ WW DX CW 2008 winner Hrane YT1AD/3V8BB decided not to take part from Tunisia this year and many concluded his withdrawal was the result of the new CC policies.

Jose CT1BOH decided to operate under observer supervision and asked the CQ WW DX CC about sending an observer to his station.

W2SC/8P5A and RD3AF/EF8M agreed to take observation as well. N2NT/V47NT worked without an observer.

The highest result was shown by RD3AF/EF8M.

So what do the contesters think?

Many of them mention the fact that CT1BOH signals were weaker than usuall from CT3 and simply the reason was the observer presence at the station.

The opinions about EF8M are different, some say he was as loud as usuall, some say his signals were weaker. Some discussions about his amplifiers still take place, mentioning a video that circulates in the USA, and among the contest community this video is as popular as video about "Akhmed, the Dead Terrorist" :)

Also Roger G3SXW's words about the only toilet visit of RD3AF during the whole contest is somethig being quoted :-) Other rumors say Roger was absent from his observer position at the EF8M station for a significant amount of time.

8P9A weak signals are also being discussed, but, for example, Nodir EY8MM told me 8P9A signal was one of the strongest on 160.

Another question being widely asked is, was the CQWW CC really ready for the inspections?. The statements that inspection have not been thought out well enough and 2009 inspections could be rated as the first experince are heard. Probably the CQWW CC should have first worked over the inspections methodology and take them into action when all the arguable questions meet the answers.

Another rumors say the top contenders were asked for audio records of the contest. Many contesters were surprised that the observers even did not acquire their copy of the log of the station they inspected.

What is new for me is that the log checking program does not check the received numbers (zones).
I think it is unacceptable. So contesters willing to change the situation should demand clarifications from the Contest Committee and use non-existent 41th zone as an exchange number.

The final opinion on the observer program can be formed when the observers reports are received and publicized in open sources by the Contest Committee.

For transparency reasons I believe the Contest Committee should make the inspection results public.

Now we can only wait.

73 ... Al 4L5A

I hear there is rumors on internet

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