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PJ2/KG2A Curacao Island

Kei, KG2A will be active from Curacao 23 - 27 October 2014 as PJ2/KG2A.
He will be active on HF bands.
QSL via home call, LOTW.

Curacao the magnificent part of Caribbean

Curacao is a beautiful islet that is floating magnificently in the south of Caribbean and is included in Caribbean of Dutch. The country is known for including main islet and smaller island Klein Curacao and it is noted as one of the constituent countries of Netherlands Kingdom. Estimates reflect that a total of 150,000 individuals live in this region that is extending over 444 kilometer square of land. Willemstad is the capital and important financial center of country. Many interesting explanations related with the origins of title Curacao are present like one suggests that it’s a derivative of a word from Portuguese that refers to heart and it indicates towards the fact that islet has a central position in trading. In accordance with another tradition Curacao is a term that was used by people of Arawak for identifying their selves. This term is now related with one of the shades of blue as the deeper form of liqueur has been given the name Curacao.

Willemstad the proud capital

This is basically an islet present in south of Caribbean and is of high strategic and financial value. It should be noted here by readers that earlier Willemstad acted as capital of Netherlands Antilles but this was the case prior to its closure in year 2010. According to traditions that are followed city’s historic central region is composed of 4 quarters. This city has rich historical vale and is equipped with many great works of architecture of past because of this it enjoys the position of being UNESCO World Heritage Site. The establishment of Punda took place in 1634 and this happened because of Dutch taking control of islet. Otrobanda whose establishment took place in 1707 is new part of city that is known as central cultural region of Willemstad. Adding to all these many other exciting and entertaining qualities of historical value are related with this city. City generates a lot of revenue from tourism sector and is equipped with many casinos. The remains of Dutch architecture in the central region of city always act as a strong source of attraction for locals also tourists. Also, this area captures interests of archeological researchers. Willemstad acts as a significant seaport also refinery and many reasons are present behind this like city is politically very stable and location. Tax policies of this region show a great degree of flexibility because of this you will never face a hard time in finding a good number of financial institutions. Not only this, Willemstad’s population show a great attraction towards sports especially football.

Curacao PJ2/KG2A

Geographical aspects

The Curacao is present in continental shelf of Southern American region so geologically it’s known to be present completely inside South American region. Coastline is known for containing inlets also bays.


This islet’s flora is very much different from conventional vegetation of tropical islets. You will find in abundance different types of Cactus and many other species of great interests. Highest point included in Sint Christoffleberg and its height is 373 meters.

Climatic conditions of Curacao

Tropical savannah climatic conditions are related with Curacao and drier season lasts from month of January to month of September also from October to month of December wet season prevails. Temperature stays in constant limits during 12 months of year. January is normally considered as the coldest month and mean noted temperature is 26.5 degree centigrade and September is considered as warmest time period and mean noted temperature is 28.9 degree centigrade. Maximum temperature of year is approximately 31.2 centigrade and minimum noted temperature is approximately 25.3 degree centigrade. This island is situated outside belt, but unfortunate point is that hurricanes affect it randomly.

Curacao PJ2/KG2A DX News

Economical aspects

The country is known for possessing open economy which has tourism, shipping service, trade, storage and refining as pillars. It will not be wrong to highlight that economy of this region is well developed and is known for supporting higher living standards and in relation to GDP it stands on 46 spot and World Bank also states that economic stability of this region can’t be questioned. Here, it should be highlighted that port Willemstad and activities that take place on it act as strong contributors towards economy. Government sectors are targeting to achieve their set aims by introducing more diversity in economy and attracting foreign investors.

Tourism is another important and strong pillar of economy and mostly tourists from US, South American region and Netherlands are attracted towards this part of globe. In fact it will not be wrong to mention that its one of the most visited places of globe. It should be highlighted here that coral reefs are damaged by development of tourism sector, but steps are being taken by relevant authorities for improving conditions of reef. The unemployment rate, which was noted in 2013, was thirteen percent. In majority of situations Curacao trades with US, European countries and Venezuela. Another point, which should be highlighted, is that prostitution is legal in this land.

Curacao PJ2/KG2A Tourist Attractions

Demographic details

The country is known for having multilingual society and Dutch and English hold official status, but in majority of situations Dutch is preferred for dealing with legal matters especially. However, when you talk about a language that is mostly spoken on a major scale then Papiamentu comes into spotlight. But we should not forget that English as well as Spanish are known for producing a stronger influence upon history of this region. During eighteenth century Spanish became a very important language because Curacao enjoyed strong relationships with colonies of Spain.


In accordance with data collected in 2001 majority of population of this region consists of Roman Catholics. Jews in form of different communities are also found in his region. People live in harmony with each other and environment is mostly peaceful and healthy.

Adding to this Curacao is mostly known for splendid infrastructure and management. People love and extend great liking and attraction towards arts, culture and their traditional values. In short, it’s one of the best places of world that you should visit.

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