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PJ4/G4XUM Bonaire Island

G4XUM is currently active from Bonaire Island as PJ4/G4XUM
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Bonaire Island PJ4/G4XUM DX News

Bonaire Island PJ4/G4XUM


The only generally recognized towns on the island are Kralendijk (the capital) and Rincon.

Kralendijk has many suburbs/neighbourhoods, although on an island with such a small population, the distinction is not always clearcut. Kralendijk's suburbs/neighbourhoods include:

  • Antriol
  • Belnem
  • Hato
  • Lima
  • Noord Salina
  • Nikiboko
  • Republiek
  • Sabadeco
  • Sabana
  • Santa Barbara
  • Tera Cora

Other smaller settlements include:

  • Fontein
  • Lagoen
  • Sorobon
  • Spelonk
  • Wanapa

Labra, Ishiri, Kokorobi, Jan Doran, Vlijt, Rigot, Porto Spano, and Kunchi were several smaller towns that had existed in the national park, but were later abandoned.


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