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VP2VMM Anegada Island British Virgin Islands

VP2VMM Team will be active from Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands, IOTA NA - 023, 4 - 12 December 2023.
Team - K2KW, AG9A, KD4D, W9RE.
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VP2VMM Log search They will operate on HF Bands, including activity in ARRL 10m Contest.
Outside the contest they will be active as VP2V/K2KW, VP2V/AG9A, VP2V/KD4D, VP2V/W9RE.
QSL via KU9C, LOTW, ClubLog OQRS.

Anegada Island is a slice of limestone and coral paradise

Anegada is the northernmost part of the landmass that makes up the British Virgin Islands, and that's not its only distinction. It is the only one of the entire chain of islands that was formed not from volcanic rock, but from limestone and coral. These have provided a completely flat topography, while the other islands have a mountainous one.

Where does the name come from?

Anegada is only 8.5 meters above sea level, so it is more exposed to water than the other islands. This is why its name translates as "submerged land".

VP2VMM Anegada Island, British Virgin IslandsAnegada Island, British Virgin Islands. Author - Paul Hudson.

Unique nature of the island

The peculiarities of the soil provide for the peculiarities of the local nature. There are about 20 naturally occurring salt lakes on the island, which were home to a large number of pink flamingos. Due to the constant hunting for them, all individuals were destroyed in the first half of the XIX century. Scientists are trying to remedy this and have reintroduced the birds to the island so that they will eventually recover their population. That is why travelers have the opportunity to see these beautiful birds near their favorite habitats - salt lakes.

Apart from the beautiful flamingos, the island also boasts other natural beauties. The southeast of the island is home to the Caribbean's largest barrier reef, which is the third largest in the world. The Horseshoe Reef is 29 kilometers long, making it great for diving enthusiasts. The local government has banned yachts from anchoring in this location, which has ensured the preservation of the reef.

What kind of weather awaits travelers?

The climate of the island belongs to the marine, trade winds. At the same time, the island has temperature stability - there are no sharp temperature changes or serious weather disasters. In winter time there are no serious temperature changes. In winter the average temperature here is from +22 to +24 degrees. In summer the temperature is higher by 5-7 degrees. The rainy season falls in the fall and spring.

VP2VMM Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands DX NewsAnegada Island, British Virgin Islands. Author - Olivier Flambeau.

What delicious things are offered to tourists?

Caribbean cuisine has absorbed the best of Asian, European and American cuisines. Naturally, it also adheres to the traditions of local chefs. From the local food there is a lot of interestingly prepared seafood and fruits. Other products are brought to the island from outside, so you can find both familiar and exotic dishes.

There are also suggestions for those who are curious about what the local pirates used to eat. Chefs will be able to prepare charcoal fish, shark soup, mussel pie and lobster. As an appetizer, the chefs will serve flatbread stuffed with vegetables and meat. One of the best desserts to accompany this meal will be Indian dates, which is a local fruit.

VP2VMM Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands Tourist attractions spotAnegada Island, British Virgin Islands. Author - Deanna Keahey.

Interesting facts

There is a Pirate Museum on Anegada, which has collected many exclusive items that were raised from the bottom of the sea. Because of its remoteness, this island attracted a lot of pirates, but many ships simply did not approach the shore and were broken on the reefs. Hence such a large number of exhibits. Tourists can get not only pleasure from their contemplation, but also listen to interesting stories from the creators of the exposition. Near the island there are still the remains of about 200 shipwrecks, so that fans of diving can evaluate them independently.
One of the favorite entertainment of tourists on the island is the rental of jeeps. What is it for? Everything is very simple: tourists can easily use them to get to one of the deserted beaches or organize a vacation near the selected salt lake. This will allow you to achieve privacy, which is achieved only on the island.
Despite its small size, the island is visited by dozens of tourists every day, most of whom have their own recreation program. Many prefer to do the organization on their own, but there are also those who choose excursions from local guides to the sights of the island. That said, the population of the island itself is only 300.
On the island is paid internet, so communication with loved ones on vacation will cost from 8 USD to 20 USD. Cellular communication is developed on all islands of the archipelago, so Anegada is not an exception. If you need to call a cell phone directly, you can use one of the pay phones, which are located on the island. To call from them you need to use special cards for pay phones, which can be purchased at any of the newspaper or tobacco stands.
More than 75% of the population speaks English, and the main currency of the islands is the American dollar. That is why for tourists who are used to English-speaking countries, there will be no problems with adaptation. Locals are polite and always ready to advise tourists what they are interested in.
The island has almost the lowest crime rate in the world. Considering the number of locals and tourists - this is a very good indicator. Order on the island is guarded by a minimum number of police officers.
The main holiday on the island is Freedom Day, which is celebrated on November 2.
Most of the population of the island are descendants of Africans who were taken to the Virgin Islands to work on plantations. Also, many of the locals have Danish roots, as the island once belonged to them.
Traffic on local roads is left-handed, as in other major British colonies, of which Anegada is a part.
There is an opportunity to bring local rum as a souvenir. It is made in the capital of the Virgin Islands, but is available for purchase throughout the country. There are also cigarette stands where you can buy local cigarettes and cigars.
The main religion in the islands is Christianity. However, local laws are open about protecting the human rights of being a believer of any denomination, so this is not a problem for the locals.

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VP2VMM Anegada Island British Virgin Islands. Sunrise 07-23-2024 at 09:50 GMT sunset at 22:57 GMT
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