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PQ0T Trindade Trinity Island

Fabio PP5BZ, Jaime PP5JD, Claudio PY3OZ will be active from Trindade (Trinity) Island, IOTA SA-010, 3 - 6 April 2015 as PQ0T.
They planning to operate on 160 - 6m CW, SSB, RTTY.
QSL via PP5BZ.
Information from PQ0T:

We will be active from Trindade Is. To the indicative PQ0T in April 2015. Our expectation is that we are in the air between day 3 and 6 of April, but confirmation of the exact date depends on the Brazilian Navy .

DXpedition will take place in The bands 80 - 6 meters CW , SSB and RTTY .

The team will consist of PP5BZ Fabio, PP5JD Jaime and PY3OZ Claudio .

We hope to make contact with all of you. One of our goals is to work the greatest of uniques possible. We would like to allow at least one QSO with Trindade Is to all in need of this rare entity for DXCC .

Our priority will be ATNO !!!

The last activation of the Trindade Island occurred in 2011 with PP0T .

Any and all help for the DXpedition the Trindade Is will be very welcome. For more information on how you can contribute with PQ0T DXpedition 2015, please contact us by email

We met in the pile ups!!!

Trindade Trinity Island PQ0T DX News

Trindade Trinity Island PQ0T

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John Kovacs
  • Callsign: WD8EOL
  • 2015-05-03 11:38:28
Any idea when confirmed QSL contacts will be sent out and will they also be uploaded to LOTW?
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: N9JV
  • 2015-04-04 01:23:04
thank you very much for the new band slots ..First class operation every respect exceptional operators,.Happy Easter have a safe ride home
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: NI5G
  • 2015-04-03 05:47:21
Thank you for your kindness & sacrifice making THE JOURNEY. Happy Easter!
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: N7RD
  • 2015-03-28 03:00:18
Looking forward to working you fellas. ATNO on CW good luck and cu on the bands.
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: 4L5A
  • 2015-02-17 05:07:51
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: 4L5A
  • 2015-02-16 17:14:13
Trinity is another name of Trindade Island
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: PY2MC
  • 2015-02-16 12:06:19
Where is Trinity???? PQ0T is Trindade Island...
Rating: 5 of 5
  • Callsign: PY2MC
  • 2015-02-16 04:53:32
Trinity Island or Île de la Trinité or Isla Trinidad is an island 24 km (15 mi) long and 10 km (6.2 mi) wide. It lies 37 km (23 mi) east of Hoseason Island in the northern part of the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. It was named by Otto Nordenskiöld, leader of the Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1901-1904) in commemoration of Edward Bransfield's "Trinity Land" of 1820. Trindade e Martim Vaz, pronounced: [tɾĩˈdadʒi i mɐʁˈtʃĩ ˈvas]) is an archipelago located about 1,200 kilometers (740 mi) east of Vitória in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, belonging to the State of Espírito Santo, Southeast Brazil. The archipelago has a total area of 10.4 km² (4.0 sq mi) and a population of 32 (Brazilian Navy personnel). The archipelago consists of five islands and several rocks and stacks; Trindade is the largest island, with an area of 10.1 km² (3.9 sq mi); about 49 km (30 miles) east of it are the tiny Martim Vaz islets, with a total area of 0.3 km² (30 hectares). The islands are of volcanic origin and have rugged terrain. They are largely barren, except for the southern part of Trindade. They were discovered in 1502 by Portuguese explorer Estêvão da Gama and stayed Portuguese until they became part of Brazil at its independence. From 1890 to 1896, Trindade was occupied by the United Kingdom until an agreement with Brazil was reached. During the period of British occupation, Trindade was known as "South Trinidad."