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PT0S St. Peter and St.Paul Rocks AA7JV

The PT0S DXpedition is scheduled to sail for St. Peter and St. Paul Rocks the evening of Nov 05 (maybe early Nov 06 because of weather).
We expect to arrive on the rocks the morning of Nov 09. The first to go up will be the 160 m station, which we hope to get on the air that evening.

Our plan is to TX somewhere around 1816.5 kHz and listen up 2 to 5 for EU/NA, and between 1822 and 1825 for JA-s.
PT0S will be very challanging for JA-s (and other Asian stations) on 160. They will have to work through a very
long path, close to the Auroral region, and over (really, under) much stronger EU signals.
To give the JA-s a chance, EU and NA stations please do not call us between 1822 and 1825. Your consideration will be much appreciated.

We will be located on the main rock, called Belmonte, where we expect very high levels of local noise from the
various scientific equipment.
We are planning to build two remote RX antennas on one of the remote rocks (called Cabral) and run the coax and control cables under water.
These RX antennas should be up by the 11th or 12th of November. We hope they will improve our ability to copy
weak signals.

GL and 73,

George, AA7JV

Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks PT0S Rock Cabral

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