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S79LR Descroches Island

S79LR already reserved. Vladimir Vasiliev call RA9LR (ex 8Q7LR). Plans to work from Seychelles in May 2010 as S79LR, from the Island of Desroches IOTA AF-033 with 01 to May 7, 2010.
From the Island of Mahe , IOTA AF-024 - 08 - 10 May 2010. Equipment-FT-897+ laptop, an antenna - DX-88 and the vertical homemade antennas. Documents at the stage of completion of registration. Since the work will be low power (100watts) and preferably at lower bands, it is assumed the following types of radiation in order of preference - PSK-63, RTTY, CW, and some SSB. If there are difficulties, then the air will be working as holiday style. Special QSL manager will not. QSL via home mailbox: RUSSIA ZIPcode 625046, Tyumen-46 3713 ELECTROSYSTEM, as well as through the Internet page (to be announced later). Expected to work in a small competition -ARI INTERNATIONAL DX CONTEST, Alessandro Volta RTTY DX Contest and CQ-M International DX Contest. Will be be grateful for any assistance, advice in the work of the expedition sent hardware LOGs and programs, their settings, as well as moral support for S79LR@MAIL.RU, including the future of radio. For those who are interested in a QSO, please do short communication and share ideas scheduling and automation of communication.
73 RA9LR

Desroches Island

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