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S79V Mahe Island Seychelles

Updated 2016-05-07 00:58:28

Radio Amateurs from UAE will be active from Mahe Island, (IOTA AF-024) 1 - 10 July 2016 Seychelles as S79V.
They will operate on 160 - 10m SSB, CW, PSK.
Ads for direct QSL:
Salvatore Rapacciuolo, P O Box 12, 84018 Scafati, Sa, Italy.
They will operate from Villa Koket.
Team: Paul A65DR (G7SLP, KW4CM), Joel A65BX (N8XJ, JG1MBQ), Martin A65DC (SA6MIW), Gerald A65CB (DU1AZ), Obaid A61DJ, Keli TF8KY.

Mahe Island Seychelles S79V Beach.
Beach, Mahe Island, Seychelles. Author - Chris Corbet.

Mahe Island Seychelles S79V DX News Moyenne Island.Moyenne Island, Mahè, Seychelles. Author - Alessandro.

Mahe Island Seychelles S79V Tourist attractions spot Daily Catch.
Daily Catch, Mahe Island, Seychelles. Author - Andrew Moore.

Where Mahe Island is located. Map.

S79V Mahe Island Seychelles. Sunrise 06-19-2019 at 02:22 GMT sunset at 14:16 GMT
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