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Dear Ham Operators,
I am an ham operator from the Solomon Islands since 2002 when I first graduated.
I didn't even utilise my knowledge cos I haven't got a radio to be on air with all ham friends everywhere.
I would like to appeal to any ham operator who is willing to donate amateur radio so I can join all ham friends in communicating together to feel the oneness of friendliness through amateur radio.
Looking forward to hear from all.
Thanks, Rusa
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Solomon Islands H44RTK

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  • Callsign: h44da
  • 2017-06-17 01:40:45
Hi Rusa, I travel to Solomon Islands each year to operate ham radio. I have my station set up in Busuone village, Kwai district. My callsign is H44DA. We should catch up in December if you are available.
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Emil Pineau
  • Callsign: VE1ESP
  • 2014-04-04 13:04:37
I AM FROM HALIFAX CANADA heard about earthquake , anything we can do to help emil ALERT operators required who can speak at least two languages to be called upon during emergencies for translators ,for the group Ham Radio World Wide , VE1ESP node 190339
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Rusa Kenioriana
  • Callsign: H44RTK
  • 2011-09-15 21:18:19
I am appealing to all Ham Operators if any one is generously willing to donate me with one amateur radio so I can join with the rest of Ham operators around the world making friends and chatting. Anyone interested to know more about the Solomon Islands, am willing to assist to provide informations, call me personally on Phone 67722475 or 677 7509960