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K6HFA will be active from Tuvalu 14 - 21 April 2010 as T2X.
He will be active on IOTA freqs.
QSL via home call.

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  • Callsign: T2X
  • 2010-04-14 02:13:28
Dear friends, Just received news from DX_World by Twitter that K6HFA plans to work from Tuvalu with call sign T2X. It's very weird (!) For further operation, if he will use my call sign, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME QSL cards to avoid the maze and confusion. For these operators (i.e. K6HFA ('T2X'), KA1CRP ('9X0A') and others) I strongly recommend visit at QRZ.COM from time to time...BUT see P.S. below As evident see my original T2X License from Tuvalu. T2X is NOT Club station call sign. Link: P.S. On 13 April 2010 Admin changed the T2X records him self for K6HFA. I didn't send any request for such changes. It happened in the second time on 9X0A also was changed by Admin a few month ago without any notifications. All my arguments did not affected the situation. All of these Administration steps threaten the reputation of the service and questioned its further use for me personally. Many thanks for understandings. 73 de T2X Andrey