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T88WM Koror Island Palau

Kouko, JQ6FQI will be active from Koror Island, IOTA OC - 009, Palau, 11 - 17 October 2017 as T88WM.
He will operate on 160 - 6m Bands.
QSL via home call.
Ads for direct QSL:
Kouko Matsumoto, 3444-75, Nishimochida, Aira-city, Kagashima, Japan.

Koror Island T88WM Palau SunsetSunset, Koror Island, Palau. Author - Aron Danburg.

Koror Island T88WM Palau DX News Koror Island, Palau. Author - Rick and Lea Miller.

Koror Island T88WM Palau Tourist attractions spot Hawksbill Turtle.Hawksbill Turtle, Koror Island, Palau. Author - Angelo Taotaotasi.

T88WM. Koror Island, Palau. Map.

T88WM Koror Island Palau. Sunrise 09-19-2017 at 20:50 GMT sunset at 09:00 GMT
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