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Tobago Island 9Y4W N6TJ

Jim Neiger, N6TJ will be active as 9Y4W from Tobago Island, IOTA SA - 009, Trinidad and Tobago in CQ WW DX CW Contest, 24 - 25 November 2018.
He will be in SOAB Category.
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9Y4W News 16 November 2018

Jim, N6TJ cancel his trip to Tobago Island.

Tobago Island – Laid Back and Lush

If Tobago Island sounds only a little familiar to you, it’s likely because it is usually preceded by the mention of the larger of the two islands making up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is nestled in the southern area of the Caribbean, outside the ocean’s hurricane belt, so the weather is temperate.

Tobago is located a bit north of Trinidad, with a population of over 60,000 people, as of the 2011 census. The island’s population is mainly of African descent, and the population is steadily growing.

The Weather on the Island

The climate on Tobago is tropical, and the average rainfall varies from the Main Ridge to the southwest. The wet season runs from July to November and the dry season lasts from December to June.

The island is volcanic in nature, and parts are hilly. The southwest part of the island is largely coralline limestone, and relatively flat. The Main Ridge is the island’s hilly spine.

Enjoying the Sports on Tobago


Sailing on Tobago is sometimes idyllic but sometimes tough. It all depends on the coastline and wind conditions. The north part of Tobago has protected bays, but the windward side is choppy, and definitely not for beginning sailors. The sailing conditions are best between December and May. During these months, the winds are strong, but consistent. The Pigeon Point area of Bucco Reef and the Bon Accord lagoon are good for sailing, regardless of your skill level. You can rent Hobie Waves at these locales and beginners can easily handle them.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago 9Y4W N6TJ 2011


You will find good snorkeling spots without having to take a boat ride. Bucco Reef has a complex ecosystem and it is a wonderful place for snorkeling. You can also view the area well in glass bottom boats. You can take one of these boats to great snorkeling spots, and the operators provide snorkels for you to use.

Scuba Diving

Tobago Island is well known for its excellent scuba diving. There are over 60 dive sites, and some divers say that they are the best sites that the Caribbean has to offer. There are suitable sites for all skill levels. You will find shallow reefs perfect for beginners, and deep diving and wreck diving for more experienced divers.

The northern side of Tobago, around Charlottesville and Speyside, contains the most famous sites for diving, and that is also where the only recompression chamber is located. Southern island dive sites are plentiful as well, but they don’t have the clear visibility of the northern sites. You will find dive shops easily accessible all around Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago 9Y4W N6TJ CQ WW DX CW Contest 2011

Take an Off-Road Safari

If you’d like to stay dry while you tour Tobago Island, consider an off-road safari. Tobago Now Tourism is the sole operator of 4x4 safaris on the island. They have custom vehicles to meet any demand. The tours average about six hours, and take you to places that you otherwise would not see. You’ll wonder at the freehold farms and the Main Ridge Forest Reserve. It’s a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day.

9Y4W. Where is Tobago Island located. Map.

Tobago Island 9Y4W N6TJ. Sunrise 05-18-2024 at 09:38 GMT sunset at 22:20 GMT
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