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TY5AF Benin

TY5AF will be on the air between 22 - 29 November 2022 by Finnish trio Tapani OH5BM, Pekka OH2TA and Timo OH5LLR. They will set up the radio station in the premises of the Finnish cultural center Villa Karo, in Grand Popo village on the Atlantic coast of Benin.

TY5AF will be active on all HF bands and modes except the last weekend of November, when they will focus on CW to join the CQ WW Contest as a multi operator team. In addition to radio operations, the team will study possibilities to establish local amateur radio activities in Benin together with Villa Karo organisation.
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TY5AF Benin. Sunrise 10-07-2022 at 05:37 GMT sunset at 17:39 GMT
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